Will A Pawnshop Take Stainless Steel Flatware Like Forks, Knives and Pans?

Brian McCracken


So you need a cash loan? I’ve been there. I understand. In fact, helping people with cash loans against valuable items is something that I do every day now as a part of my job. But what is it that a pawnshop takes? Do they take just anything? What about flatware?
The fact of the matter is that yes, some pawn shops will in fact take stainless steel flatware such as forks, knives, spoons, pots, and pans.
Of course, they won’t take just anything.
Almost like anything else in the pawn industry you should try to be sure that what you bring into your local pawn shop is something that holds some kind of value to begin with.
If you come in with some inexpensive merchandise, your pawnshop may actually turn it down. That’s something that you have to be ready for and probably even expect.
However, there are some expensive stainless steel flatware sets out there that you can buy. This type of flatware is something that a bawn broker may in fact be interested in working with you on, making you a loan against, or buying outright from you should you decide that you want to sell it.
If you are interested in seeing if your local pawn broker would work with you on your stainless steel flatware then here are some tips that you can use to make the most out of your experience.
How To Pawn Stainless Steel Flatware
Many pawn shops will consider looking at stainless steel flatware for a loan.
The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that your stainless steel flatware set is as complete as possible.
That means that it contains all the lids or all of the pots and pans. If we are taking talking about a dining set, then you will want to make sure that you have all the forks, knives, spoons, and other serving utensils or plates.
While the pawn broker may still take in a set of stainless steel flatware that is missing pieces generally speaking the more completed is the better.
The second big tip that I can offer you is to make sure that all of your stainless steel flatware is clean and presentable. That means to make sure you wash it and try it properly so that there aren’t a bunch of water spots all over it.
You don’t want to go into the pawn shop with your flatware that still has dinner for two nights ago on. I highly doubt any pawnbroker will be really interested in that. Of course if you have a box or other packaging material for your flatware that is even better.
It’s like anything else. The more completed is the easier it will be for the pawn broker to sell if he should have to sell it. What that often means for you is more money in your pocket when you leave the pawnshop.
The third tip that I can give you is to try to document the flatware if it is a truly unique or collectible set. Stainless steel flatware isn’t something that most pawnshops deal with regularly.
Because of that not all pawnbrokers will be extremely familiar with what you may be bringing to them. Any documentation that you can put together or estimated values based on reasonable sources will aid the pawnbroker and determining how much they can loan you against your flatware.
The Nerd’s Opinion
The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of things that pawn shops will and won’t take. Some items are too weird while others just don’t hold their value well.
When it comes to flatware, of course flatware made out of silver or gold will always be the most desirable. There’s just no question that if a pawn shop has the option to take in flatware made out of either of these precious metals, they will and will do it without question! There’s just a lot of value in it.
But when it comes to stainless steel, it’s not nearly as valuable and unfortunately, there is some really cheap stainless steel flatware out there. But that having been said, there is also some decent stainless steel flatware out there and those sets may be the types of flatware sets that your local pawn shop might be interested in working with you on.
And keep in mind, you don’t have to sell your flatware – you can often times also just get a loan against it as well.
Why Pawn Loans Are Great
When you need fast cash, it can be hard to beat a good pawn loan. Sure there are cash advance loans, payday loans and the like – but pawn loans work great when you are in a tight spot.
You can often times just take your items in (in this case, stainless steel flatware) and get the quick, cash loan that you are looking for when you are in a pinch. What could be easier?