Will A Pawnshop Take A TV Without A Remote? – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


Well this really is an interesting question now isn’t it? We know that pawn shops will in fact take TVs in on loan or offer to buy them from you outright.
But what we don’t really know is if pawnshops will still accept your TV if it is missing something like the remote control?
To that what I can tell you is that it will really come down to the particular pawnshop in question that you are working with and how they feel about taking in electronics that are missing accessories.
More often than not, pawn shops will still be willing to take in your television even if it is missing the remote although they will often do so at a discounted price.
The reason is if you are making a loan against your TV and have to default on the loan later, they will have to buy a remote in order to resell the TV.
Now if you are just outright selling your television than the pawn shop will know immediately that they have to buy a remote for the TV in order to resell it, which removes all doubt for them as to if this is something that they will need to get.
Either way you go what you are offered for your television won’t be as much as if you would had the remote the whole time.
One of the little tricks that you can try to pull off is to get a “Universal Remote” that works with your TV before you try to pawn it. Doing this might encourage the pawn shop to give you more money for the TV than if you had no remote for it at all.
How Much Will A Pawn Shop Offer Me For A Television Without A Remote
Boy that is really tough to say. The problem is that all pawnshops operate a little differently and because of that they will view things, such as the value of a television, differently as well.
It’s not as if pawn shops have one blue book, or black book that they deal with when it comes to determining the value of things like televisions.
This is one of the few instances where sites like eBay and Amazon are not nearly as helpful to them in determining the fair use value of an item.
On sites like those in the price will often be affected by the fact that there is a higher shipping cost. Well, you just can’t account for shipping cost when you are trying to sell a TV in a pawn shop – meaning that their estimation would be thrown off.
So with this in mind you will have to appreciate that the pawn shop will pay you probably $15-$20 less than they normally would pay you for your television should it have had the remote.
If you want to be really clever you can try to minimize your losses for not having a remote.
What you will want to do is go to your local big-box retailer such as Walmart, Target, or even Home Depot and purchase what is known as a universal remote.
These universal remotes can be programmed to your make and model television most of the time. This will give you something to give the pawn shop when you go to pawn the television.
Now you might ask how exactly that helps you since the universal remote will cost money.
The answer is that when you buy a universal remote by yourself you can often purchase them for as little as five dollars. Giving them some kind of remote instead of no remote will greatly minimize the likelihood that you will be negatively affected in the value that you are offered from the pawn shop for not having the original remote.
This is one little trick that I often see pooled and will often work.