Will A Pawn Shop Buy A Camera Without A Charger – SOLVED!

Brian McCracken


Will a pawn shop accept a digital camera that is missing the charger? Good question.
So here we go with another question about electronics missing their accessories.
Now don’t misunderstand me – I understand that parts and pieces will often times go missing. It’s just the nature of owning something that is smaller and has small parts.
That having said there are some critical components to your electronics items that you should always have no matter what is going on.
One of those items would be considered either the power cord to your item or if it uses rechargeable batteries, the charger.
Missing something as critical as the charger can heavily impact the resale value of your item.
As a result, the pawn shop is unlikely to offer you the same amount of money for your item as if it had its charger the whole time.
If your digital camera is missing the charger you may be surprised to find out not all pawn shops will buy digital cameras without the charger.
Why Is The Charger So Important To A Pawn Shop
Some chargers for items can be relatively expensive. Because of this, the cost of replacing the charger for the pawn shop can greatly increase the cost of the item overall and make it difficult to resell just to break even, let alone even consider trying to make a profit.
Think about it for a moment. Items such as digital cameras, that may require independent chargers for their batteries… They won’t work without them…
You can bet that a pawn shop will want you to bring them in with you when you attempt to either pawn them for a loan or sell them out right….
That having been said, there is one little trick that may make all of the difference for you.
Charging Without A Charger And Getting The Sale
There is one nifty little thing about digital cameras these days. That is that often times you can charge the camera just simply by using a USB cable and plugging it in to either a computer, or ideally a wall socket.
Since you can charge the camera this way there is really almost no need for a battery charger in most cases.
So what you will want to do is to fully charge your camera. Now this may take a couple hours if you haven’t charge your camera in quite a while.
Once your cameras fully charge you want to take it and the USB cord that you used, as well as the wall socket if you use one of those, with you to the pawn shop.
When you present your digital camera to the pawnbroker, if they ask for a charger you can show them that you were able to fully charge the battery of the digital camera simply using the USB cable and the wall socket that you are providing.
This can eliminate the concern of not having a charger in most cases.
What that means for you is that a pawnshop may be willing to work with you on the sale or loan of your digital camera even though you technically do not have the battery charger with you.
Hopefully the pawn shop won’t negatively impact of the value of your digital camera when they are at assessing it based on the fact that functionally there is really no need for the battery charger at all.
I’ve seen this trick used many times, and even I myself almost never have a problem taking in a digital camera that you can charge via a USB cable, particularly if whomever is making the loan against it also provides a high quality wall socket plug that will charge the camera quickly.