Why Don'T Pawn Shops Take Printers – ANSWERED HERE!

Brian McCracken


So here’s one of those questions that is only going to apply to a certain number of pawn shops across the country.
The question is this… why is it that some pawn shops refuse to take printers?
To understand the answer to this question you are first going to have to acknowledge a fact about all of the pawn shops across the country that may not be true about other businesses that you would typically deal with.
The fact of the matter is that on shops are very different from other businesses like Sears or Target.
Pawn shops are typically owned by small business owners that each have their own ideas about how they would like to run their pawn shop.
What that means is that while all of the pawn shops across the country must follow the laws in their states, the smaller decisions about how the pawn shop operates is completely up to them.
Because there are thousands of these individual small business owners across the country there are going to be just as many variations of opinions on what is a good idea for a pawn shop to take in versus what is not.
So what that will typically mean is that the individual pawnbroker will determine if something like a printer is something that they want to deal with on a regular basis as they would have to if they accepted them for a loan or offer to buy them out right.
Printers are one of those items that some pawn shops will stay away from because of their reliability concerns as well as how quickly they can depreciate in value.
What’s Wrong With Printers
When it comes to pawn shops and printers let’s just say that they aren’t the type of reliable, dependable merchandise that pawnshop’s like to deal with.
Printers are one of those devices that are very error-prone. There is a huge variety of things that can go wrong with printers such as the ink heads failing, the belt slipping, broken gears or other internal mechanisms, or loud and slow performance from age.
On top of that, there aren’t a whole lot of people out there looking to buy used printers. More often than not, being that printers are so affordable these days, most people will buy them new.
They do this because the printers are inexpensive, and come with a warranty that a pawnshop could normally never hope to offer.
What this boils down to is that typically speaking used printers just won’t be worth that much money.
This problem only gets worse with age. The older a printer is the less it’s going to be worth because of the reliability factor of printers, as well as the potential shortage of ink supply if the manufacturer no longer makes that kind of ink cartridge.
So Are There No Pawnshops That Will Take In Printers
No that is not at all what I’m saying. In fact there are many pawn shops that would love to deal with you on buying your printer or offering to make you a loan on it.
The fact of the matter is that the larger pawn shops that deal with a lot of merchandise on a regular basis will often gladly accept things like printers.
That is of course assuming that the printers are in good condition and relatively new.
Even pawn shops that taken printers on a regular basis are often not willing to deal with very old, or very dirty printers that look like they have seen a lot of use or misuse.
But if your printer is in relatively good condition and you have only had it for a short period of time then you might be pleased to discover that there are pawnshops in your area that would be happy to see you walk in the door with it.
Tips For Getting The Most Money Out Of Your Printer At A Pawn Shop
Very quickly I’m going to give you some tips that you can use to attempt to get the most money for your printer should you take it into a pawn shop.
Condition – the first thing that am going to mention to you is that you will want to make sure that your printer is in very good condition. This means that it is cleaned, wiped down, free from any major debris, hair, or dust that may have built up over time.
Cleaning up your printer before you take it into the pawn shop will help present it in the best light possible. This in turn will help you get the most money for your printer as the pawn shop will see it as being an item in relatively good condition.
Accessories – you want to make sure that you have all of the various parts and pieces to your printer.
What this means is the various cords such as the power cord, and power adapter if necessary, as well as the USB cord.
Having these accessories may be critical in ensuring that you get a loan for your printer or are able to sell it to the pawn shop. This is because without these things the pawn shop may not be able to test your printer and therefore will not know if it is in good working condition.
If you follow these two guidelines you should have the best chances of getting the most money possible out of your printer when you take into a pawn shop that does accept them.