Who Runs A Pawn Shop? in 2017

Brian McCracken


This is a bit of a unique question that I got in the from ‘Ask The Nerd‘ button, so I had to post a reply. When most people deal with their local pawn shop, they normally only see the desk clerk or whomever happens to be at the counter to help them with their loans.
Basically a pawn shop runs just about like any other business.
There is an owner – and that can be either one person or a company of some sort.
They are commonly know as ‘Pawnbrokers’ and are the ones that must hold the ‘Pawnbroker License’ from the State.
There is management – and that can either be the owner in some small shops, or an actual management staff in the case of larger companies.
Typically there will be a range of management – from Regional Managers all the way down to in-store Assistant Mangers.
The third part of staff of the individual employees. These are the people you will most often interact with in a pawn shop.
What Is A Pawn Broker?
There are all sorts of definitions for what a pawn broker is, but the reality is that it is just what it’s name sounds like. A person that ‘brokers’ pawns.
He’s – ‘The Guy’ – you go see when you need a little extra money to make it through the month.
Who Is The Management?
Well just like any other business, you need levels of management to delegate tasks and projects through. You will most commonly interact with a store manager if you ever have to get management involved in a situation.
The store manager is responsible for hitting goals and overseeing the day-to-day operation of the pawn shop.
Who Are The Employees?
These are normally individuals with strong jewelry product knowledge and a sales or customer service background.
They are typically very nice and pleasant people. They are responsible the day-to-day operation of the pawn shop.
What Is Working In A Pawn Shop Like?
Well, for the most part it’s similar to any other customer service or sales position. Whether the staff is busy helping customers make loans or selling merchandise in the store the skills of customer service and sales come in handy.
You will be working with customers who are having a difficult time and badly need a little extra money just to make them through a tough time. That’s when you customer service skills are going to shine as the customers you are working with are under a lot of stress and could use a little compassion.
If you are selling merchandise (like jewelry) to your customer you will really benefit from a strong sales toolset. Sometimes just asking for the sale isn’t enough in a pawn shop. You’ve also got to have some connection with them that makes your customer comfortable during the process.
That’s About It…
That’s who runs a pawn shop
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