Where Can I Buy Nintendo 64 (N64) Games

Buying games for older systems can be a huge challenge if you’re looking for a deal, there’s no question about it.

There’s always the obvious answer being eBay, or maybe some smaller video game stores in your area, but you won’t often find them at larger video game retailers as they aren’t “Current” or “Currently popular titles.”

eBay definitely has it’s own fit. Particularly if you are looking for specific titles to complete a collection or to relive a part of your childhood, but if you’re looking for a deal, there’s a great spot to look for them that you may have not considered until now.

Pawn Shops Often Have Older Games

Pawn shops can be a great resource when it comes to finding older games.

Often times a pawn shop is happy to help a potential pawn customer with electronics and this can mean “Vintage” game systems, of which, the Nintendo 64 (or N64) is largely considered to be at this point.

You see, when a customer comes in to make a loan on their N64, they will often have games for it as well, but not everyone comes back for their items.

This is particularly true in the case of older electronics, like the N64. It was released in 1996, so for many people, it’s a dusty thing they have sitting in their closet.

But for you, someone looking to buy games for it, these people might be sitting on a gold mine and the pawn shop may not see all of the value in those older titles.

Because they don’t see a lot of value in a 20+ year old game, they will often sell them very cheaply. Maybe 50 cents, maybe a few dollars, but more often than not, you can get a lot of N64 games for just about nothing, or pennies on the dollar.

This is even more true if you are looking to start a collection and are willing to buy the N64 games in quantity.

Tips For Getting N64 Games Cheaply At A Pawn Shop

So here are some tips you can use to pick up the games cheaply.

1 – Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

If the pawn shop is asking for a few dollar per game, ask them for a discount because of the age. You may find that they are really willing to work with you, particularly if it is inventory that they’ve had sitting around for awhile and nobody has showed interest in them recently.

2 – Buy in quantity if you can.

Like most things, if you are willing to buy in bulk, you can get N64 games at a steep discount.

3 – Leave your contact information.

If you are trying to start a collection, leave the pawn shop your contact information a let them know that when they get more N64 games in, you will come down and look at them. Develop some rapport with them and you will often find that it works amazing well in the long run.

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