Where Can I Buy A Nintendo 64 – A Shocking Simple Answer

Brian McCracken


Are you on the market and looking to buy a Nintendo 64 system? Here’s some great reasons to consider looking at a pawn shop!
When people are looking for hard to find items, one of the last places that they sometimes will consider are pawn shops, and that’s really unfortunate.
Think about this for a moment. If you have seen a show like Pawn Stars, what is its big hook, or surprising factor?
The fact that people bring in antique, rare, or otherwise uncommon items into the pawn shop to either make a loan on, or sell outright to the Rick (ow whomever may be helping them.)
While most pawn shops around the country aren’t like the pawn shop featured in Pawn Stars, many of them around the country do get things like classic video game systems, of which you could almost consider the Nintendo 64 to be at this point.
So if you are looking for a N64 at a good price, in good condition, and probably with a lot of games and accessories, then a pawn shop may be a great place to try looking.
I can tell you from personal experience, classic video game systems come into pawn shops with much more regularity than you might first suspect.
On top of it, when they come in, it is very rarely just the system and a controller.
Normally people bring in their entire library of games, controllers, rumbled packs, etc. making them really attractive to both collectors looking for hard to find N64 accessories and casual gamers that maybe just want to enjoy some of the games that they remember from their youth.
Are you looking to buy a Nintendo 64? A pawn shop may be a great place to look if you are on the market to buy a used Nintendo 64 in good condition, with games and accessories.
What Are The Advantages Of Buying A Nintendo 64 From A Pawn Shop
There are some real advantages to buying something like a N64 from a pawn shop, or any classic video game system for that matter.
First of all, pawnbrokers tend to be highly suspicious of older electronics when they come in. Because of that, they test them extensively well before making any kind of offer, whether it be for a buy or just a loan.
Additionally, if there is anything missing, they will often turn the whole transaction down .
Pawn Shops Understand How Collectible Items Like Nintendo 64’s Work
They know that people who might be interested in buying the system (people such as yourself) are going to want all of the original parts and accessories, not some cheap eBay replacement that will fail apart or quickly fail.
But even beyond that, pawn shops deal with all sorts of collectible items. They know that if something isn’t original, the value of it plummets.
So if you are looking for a Nintendo 64 “On the cheap,” then a pawn shop may be a really attractive option because they inherently understand that things like aftermarket controllers or connectors make the system inherently less valuable and won’t ask as much for it.
On the other hand, when you take your average consumer who may have “Cheaped out” and bought those aftermarket parts, as far as they are concerned, they have something just as good as the original factory issued accessories when we both know, they really don’t.
This can make the whole purchasing process much easier when dealing with a pawn shop versus a private owner.
Pawn Shops have Already Negotiated The Best Price On A N64 For You
Another major advantage of going to a pawn shop to try to find a Nintendo 64 si that they’ve already done all of the negotiation for you upfront.
Sure, there is going to be a little bit of markup involved in the process of buying it, but when it comes to the initial process of getting the best price for the system to begin with from the original owner, they’ve already done all of the hard lifting for you.
Pawn Shops May Have Collectible Editions Of The N64
Of course, if you are a higher end collector of classic video game systems, pawn shops also have some advantages to offer you.
For instance, as we’ve previously discussed, people tend to bring things of a collectible nature into pawn shops on a pretty regular basis, and this often includes collectible versions of video game consoles or exclusive releases of various titles.
So if you are looking for something a little less common then the regular Nintendo 64, then calling around to your local pawn shops to see what they have may be a very productive direction for you.