What Kind Of Items Does A Pawn Shop Accept? in 2017

Mandy Dormain


You want to know what kind of items a pawn shop will accept? Will they take just anything or do they have certain criteria that they base their decisions on? Well, if you are asking yourself these things then don’t worry – you aren’t alone!
That’s a really common question, especially among people that have never been to a pawn shop or are unfamiliar with the pawn shops in their immediate area.
The first thing that I would suggest you do it head over to this post and take the opportunity to read it. “What Can You Sell At A Pawn Shop?“
Another good post on the topic is “What Can You Pawn? – ANSWERED.”
Last but certainly not least would be: “What Do Pawn Shops Buy?“
Once you’ve read those, you will have a very good idea of what most pawn shops will accept.
Check To See What You Local Pawn Shops Accept
Remember all pawn shops are different as all pawn brokers are different, so what one shop may take another down the same street may not. It’s always best to call ahead if at all possible.
You’ve got to understand, all pawn brokers bring different skills and a different ‘set of facts’ with them when they come into the business. Some pawn brokers are excellent with diamonds and others are fantastic with tools or even collectibles.
It’s pretty uncommon to find a pawn broker who is great with virtually every type of merchandise under the sun, but they are out there.
Some Pawn Shops Will Accept Just About Anything
Rick from the TV show Pawn Stars is an excellent example of a pawnbroker that really knows a wide variety of merchandise well. In fact, his detailed knowledge of collectibles and fine items is probably what lead him to get a TV show in the first place.
Yet, even as good as Rick is even he needs to call in experts regularly to help with some of the more unique items that come in the door.
Unfortunately your local pawnbroker is unlikely to have that advantage. There simply aren’t as many ‘experts’ out there as there are pawn shops, and they definitely aren’t available all around the country.
Because of that, most pawn shops stick to what they know – which is a lot but not everything.
Your Best Bet
Your best bet is to deal with very common valuables.
That means things like Gold Jewelry, Modern Electronics or Professional Brand Name Tools.
Common items like these are going to be pretty easy for most pawn brokers to know well and be comfortable to work with.
If you do have any doubts, remember to call ahead. It’s always easier to call ahead than to find out after you’ve already pack up your stuff and driven down to the shop.
That’s Going To Do It
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