What Can You Pawn? – ANSWERED

Sometimes you need to come up with some quick cash to get your through a rough point in time where bills are stacking up or there just isn’t enough to go around. It’s completely reasonable and a lot of people have this happen.

One thing that you might think about doing is using a pawn shop to help get you through this tough time and the fact is that they can help… a lot! But what is that you can pawn exactly?

To be honest with you the answer is extremely simple. It depends on the pawn shop you are working with.

Yep, that’s it. It depends exclusively on what the pawn shop in your area accepts as collateral for a loan.

Pretty much every pawn shop will accept jewelry, so pawning jewelry is a safe bet virtually anywhere you go.

Quite a few pawn shops will take tools as well as jewelry.

There’s also electronics…

You know, things like TV’s, Xbox’es, Playstations, digital cameras – basically anything that is considered a ‘consumer electronics’ item. If Best Buy sells it, there’s a good chance that a pawn shop will take it as a loan.

How Do You Pawn Something?

stuff_300If this is your first time pawning something I suggest that you check out our ‘How To Pawn‘ section to get some tips on pawning whatever you plan on making a loan against.

Make sure that you show up prepared with an ID and anything else that the pawn shop may require. It’s a good idea to call them and ask what you may need to bring with you to make a loan.

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay?

I suggest you check out our article that describes how much pay shops may be willing to pay for your merchandise – How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay.

You will find that pawn shops vary in price a little bit from one another so if you aren’t happy with what you are told by one shop – take it to another shop and see if they are willing to loan you more against it. It never hurts to compare prices, especially if the pawn shops are close to each other.

What Are Pawn Shop Interest Rates Like?

Whatever loan you make you are probably going to want to get your item back. In order to do that you will have to repay your loan.

Virtually every pawn loan carries what is known as an ‘Interest Rate’ and that is typically a percentage of the loan’s value. Read Pawn Shop Interest Rates Explained for more information.

Do You Want To Sell It Instead?

Often times pawn shops will pay more for an item than they are willing to loan against it.

If you don’t really want your merchandise and are in need of the most money possible, you might consider selling it instead of making a loan against it.

In that case, I suggest you take a moment and read What Do Pawn Shops Buy?

The Nerd’s Experience

Pawn shops vary greatly in what they are willing to accept. You really should call your local pawn shop and ask them what they are willing to accept for a loan before just showing up and hoping that they will take it.

Unfortunately in the shop I work in, we have to turn people down just because we don’t work with the kind of items they brought with them. I don’t really like to do that, but there really isn’t much of a choice – if we don’t take it, we don’t take it.

Sadly I’ve seen a lot of people take it as a personal rejection and that’s not at all the case. It’s all about the merchandise.

If you bring in something that the pawn shop is comfortable dealing with, I bet that they will be happy to do whatever they can to help you out of the jam you’re in.

So the lesson here: Call Ahead!

It’s better than wasting the time and gas to drive out to the pawn shop just to find out that they can’t help you with the items you brought.

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