What Can I Pawn For 100 Dollars – ANSWERED! in 2017

Brian McCracken


If you are looking for a list of ideas on things that you can pawn to get $100 or more from a pawn shop, this is the article that you are looking for!
One of the question that I get asked most frequently is “What can I pawn for 100 dollars?”
The fact is, pawn shops take all sorts of different things, so there’s a lot that you can pawn and get 100 dollars out of.
Here’s a fun fact for you.
Nationally speaking, the average pawn shop loan is roughly $150.
So, trying to get a loan that’s just two-thirds of the average sized loan that pawn shops typically make isn’t going to be too tough for many people.
That having been said, if you don’t have too much to work with, then you’ve got to make the most out of whatever you do have.
With that in mind, I’m going to give you three simple rules that you should follow for everything you take to a pawn shop.
The first is to make sure that whatever you are taking in is clean and looks as new as possible.
When a pawn shop is evaluating your items to determine how much they can loan against them, they are really trying to figure out how easily they would be able to resell it and how much they would be able to resell it for if you don’t come back for whatever you are pawning.
Therefore, the newer and nicer your item looks, the easier it would be for them to resell it, which in turn means that you will likely be offered more money for those items.
The second rule is to be sure that you take all of the parts and pieces that go to an item with you when you bring it to the pawn shop.
Lets say you take a Xbox One to the pawn shop. If it’s missing the controller or power supply, it will be next to impossible for them to sell for much as those things are needed for someone to use the system.
So have all of the cords, cables and parts to whatever you take into the pawn shop.
The third rule is this is really simple. Make sure that whatever you take in can be tested and verified to work. That means if it is something that uses rechargeable batteries, charge them up before you go!
A pawn shop will want to make sure that whatever they are loaning against works properly and if they can’t verify that what you’ve brought in works, they probably won’t take it, or they will offer you very little for it.
That having been said, let’s get to the meat of this question.
When it comes to borrowing a small sum of money like $100, banks and other financial institutions have no interest in helping you. But making a loan for $100 is very common for pawn shops. Here’s a list of ideas for things you can pawn for $100.
Things You Can Pawn For $100
Here’s a short list of things that you can pawn for $100. It’s by no means a complete list, but will hopefully get you started on thinking about what you can take to your local pawnbroker to get the money you need.
TVs – Less Than 3 Years Old, 46 Inches Or Larger
TVs are getting cheaper and cheaper these days. if you need to come up with about $100, then you can pawn a TV to get you there, but try to make sure that it is at least 46 inches, and less than 3 years old.
Also, don’t forget to take the remote and power cord with you as pawn shops expect for you to have these things.
Also, take a moment before you leave the house and wipe off any dust that may have built up on the screen or on the back of the TV as that will help make it look its best.
Medium To Heavy Weight Gold Jewelry
Pawn shops love to deal with gold and diamond jewelry. That having been said, the price of gold is constantly moving up and down these days unlike it was a few years ago when it was just on the incline.
Depending on the karat (or purity) of your gold, you should probably take at least 10-14 grams of jewelry worth of it with you to get a loan for $100 or more.
Be sure that you discount any weight that stones or other non-gold parts of the jewelry may take up because a pawn shop won’t loan against that portion of the items. For more insight read: How Pawn Shops Price Gold
Better Quality Diamonds .5 Carat Or Larger
If you have some jewelry that has very little in terms of gold weight, but a single stone that is at least a half carat or large, most pawn shops will be willing to loan about $100 or more on it.
It of course depends on the quality of the diamond involved. For deeper insight read: How Pawn Shops Price Diamonds.
The Newest Playstation or Xbox
The older playstations and xboxes won’t get you $100 at a pawn shop, but the newest ones should.
It’s important to be sure that you bring all of the controllers, cords, and any games you may have with you.
In the event that the pawn shop you are working with doesn’t typically loan $100 on the systems, having a bunch of games can certainly put the odds in your favor of convincing them to on yours.
That having been said, most pawn shops should easily be able to loan at least $100 on the newest generation gaming consoles.
5 or 6 Piece Professional Brand Name Tool Combo Kits
Tools are something that pawn shops love to take in typically speaking.
That having been said, if you are trying to get $100 from a pawn shop, you are going to need better brand name tools. In other words, no Black N Decker, Ryobi, Craftsman, etc.
What we are talking about here are the newest 20v DeWalt tools, Milwaukee tools, Makita, or maybe even Ridgid.
But keep in mind, to hit that $100 mark, they are going to have to be in good condition, so spend a few minutes cleaning them up and charging the batteries so that they pawn shop can verify that everything works.
Whatever you do, don’t forget to take the charger with you!
MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Alienware Laptops
Much like TVs, laptops are only getting cheaper these days.
It once was that a laptop would set you back $500, and just for the lowest end, base model. Anymore though, you can get them for as little as $249, brand new from Walmart.
On top of it, laptops don’t age well – or at least, they don’t retain their value well.
For that reason, if you want to get $100 on a loan for a laptop, try to make sure that it is at least a higher end laptop, like a Macbook of some sort, or an Alienware.
Be sure that they are cleaned up, fully charged, and that you take the power supply with you as that will matter!
These Were Just Some Ideas
These were just some ideas of what you can take to you local pawn shop to get a loan for at least $100.
Keep in mind that not all pawn shops are the same and not all of them loan on the same types of collateral, so it’s never a bad idea to call ahead and see if they will take what you have to offer.