What Brand Tools Do Pawn Shops Buy?

>When you are looking to make a loan on your tools the brand matters. It’s actually one of those items where the brand new and sometimes even just the model is really an important factor in determining whether or not your local pawn shop will accept your tool for a loan.

This is going to come as a surprise to most of us who thought certain brands were ‘As Good As Gold,’ but you are going to find out that when it comes to your local pawn shop that may not be true!

You see, if you haven’t already read a tool’s brand can indicate important information to a pawnbroker, the most of which is ‘How Reliable’ it is.

Now brand is perfect of course, all tools can break if they are put under enough stress.

However, certain brands are more reliable than others – particularly ‘No Name’ tools.

Because of that, pawn shops only take in certain brand tools.

So what are they?

What Brand Tools Are Accepted At Pawn Shops?

So now that you know why pawn shops only accept certain brands lets discuss which brands are a good bet.



Dewalt tools are well known and well respected by most contractors. They are fairly durable and come in many different variations depending on the job they will be needed to do.

Their 18v battery line is the ‘stand by’ contractor tool and that means pawn shops love them!

Besides, they are sold just about everywhere you go. Home Depot, Lowes, Sears… it doesn’t matter, they are easy to find. That tells the pawn broker they are popular as well – there is a demand for them!

Pawn shops love Dewalt Tools! Clean them up and take them in!


BOSCH is another very common power tool brand that pawn shops love. The tools of their’s that are made in Europe are second to none in many people’s minds.

They make all kinds of great tools – power tools like Drills, Circular Saw’s, Laser Levels, and fantastic Reciprocating Saws.

If you have a BOSCH tool, clean it up and take it in.

TIP: Make sure you have all of the various parts, pieces and attachments. It can be expensive to replace the attachments on some of their tools so the more complete the tool is, the better.


newridgidRidgid doesn’t make many hand tools but they do make power tools which are commonly sold at The Home Depot.

They aren’t accepted at every pawn shop, but most will work with them. Their 18v cordless power tools are very popular with contractors as well.

They have a new lithium ion brand that is respected by contractors and home owners alike – so those are popular with most pawn shops.

If you have a RIDGID Power Tool and need a loan, I would say clean it up and get take it into the pawn shop to see how much you will get for it.


Snap-On tools are absolutely loved by pawn shops! They are “THEE” tool to bring in if you have them. Especially the mechanic’s tool like wrench sets and car code scanners.

If you are thinking about taking in something with a lot of pieces, like a wrench set – make sure you have all of the pieces first. If you don’t the pawn broker may not take it in.

If you are thinking about making a loan on your automotive code scanner make sure you have all of the cartridges and ‘keys.’ The books and manuals are also important. A pawn shop may not take them in if some of these parts are missing.



makita_200Makita tools are typically ‘someplace in the middle’ for most pawn shops. They are sometimes desirable to pawn brokers, and sometimes not.

For example, they have a new line of 18v Lithium Ion Cordless tools that people really seems to like. Because there is some kind of demand for them, a pawn broker will take them in knowing that they are likely to find a buyer for them if they need to sell them.

However they have some older corded tools that aren’t really accepted that often. There is just not demand for them really. Because that ‘buyer’ isn’t there for them, they’ve got nothing going for them.

So on Makita – Call ahead and ask the pawn shop if they will take them in first.

Porter Cable

Porter cable has some decent air-powered tools. Various nailers and staplers are pretty good.

But unfortunately their new 18v power tools just don’t have that same kind of respect. So if you have a set of these, call ahead. It’s better than getting them all cleaned up just to find out the pawn shop won’t take them because of the brand name.


Hitachi has some air-powered tools that are decent and widely accepted. Their roof nailers in particular are well received.

However, they also have some 14.4 and 18 volt tools that aren’t so widely accepted. While most shops will still work with them, some may not.

Because of that you should definitely call head if you are looking to pawn you Hitachi Power Tool.


Here is another brand that’s ‘on the line.’

Their air-powered tool are typically well liked. However they make a line of hand tools that is not widely accepted with pawn brokers. They are considered to have a ‘lower value’ and therefore there isn’t a lot of room for a pawn broker to make a profit if they have to sell them.


MAC has some great hand tools in my personal opinion.

But that having been said, MAC Tools aren’t accepted everywhere. I really have no idea why. It’s a great tool and they sell well on eBay.

But that having been said, not everyone will take them – so call ahead before you pack them up.

TIP: If you are pawning a ‘set’ of tools, like sockets – make sure you bring the complete set. Missing pieces may get your loan turned down.


SK tools aren’t always accepted.

They are probably a fine tool but there isn’t an incredible demand for them in the store it seems. Because of that, not everyone will take them in.

Call ahead on SK sets. As with the other, make sure they are complete.



There just isn’t a lot of demand for craftsman tools.

Their power tools are pretty cheap to buy new. Their hand tools are nothing exceptional to most pawn brokers. A few pawn shops will take them, but it’s not really all that common for them to.


RYOBI isn’t commonly accepted. They are pretty inexpensive when you buy them in a store and don’t seem to hold their value well. Most pawn shops aren’t interested in them


This is ‘Chicago Pneumatic, Chicago Electric, etc.’ These tools are normally sold at Harbor Freight and just don’t have the kind of value needed for most pawn shops to work with them.

That’s About It…

If you didn’t see your tool brand listed here, pawn shops typically won’t deal with it. It’s still a good idea to call ahead just in case.

And no matter what, clean the tools first and make sure they are complete. It could save you a wasted trip.

Thanks as always,

The Head Nerd