What Brand Tools Do Pawn Shops Buy?

Brian McCracken


When you are looking to make a loan on your tools the brand matters. It’s actually one of those items where the brand new and sometimes even just the model is really an important factor in determining whether or not your local pawn shop will accept your tool for a loan. This is going to come as a surprise to most of us who thought certain brands were ‘As Good As Gold,’ but you are going to find out that when it comes to your local pawn shop that may not be true.

You see, a tool’s brand can indicate important information to a pawnbroker, the most of which is ‘How Reliable’ it is. Pawn shops only accept certain brand tools because they are more reliable and in demand. The most desirable brands are DeWalt, Bosch, Ridgid, and Snap-On. Makita, Porter Cable, Hitachi, Bostitch, MAC, and SK tools are sometimes accepted, but it is best to call ahead to the pawn shop. Craftsman, RYOBI, and Chicago tools are not commonly accepted.

Most Desirable Brands

  • DeWalt: Well-known and respected by contractors.
  • Bosch: Made in Europe and considered to be second to none.
  • Ridgid: Popular with contractors and home owners.
  • Snap-On: Loved by pawn shops, especially mechanic’s tools.

Less Desirable Brands

  • Makita: Some tools are desirable, others are not.
  • Porter Cable: Some air-powered tools are accepted, but not the new 18v power tools.
  • Hitachi: Some air-powered tools are accepted, but not the 14.4 and 18 volt tools.
  • Bostitch: Air-powered tools are typically well liked, but hand tools are not widely accepted.
  • MAC: Great hand tools, but not accepted everywhere.
  • SK: Probably a fine tool, but not in high demand.

Not Commonly Accepted Brands

  • Craftsman: Not a lot of demand for these tools.
  • RYOBI: Inexpensive and don’t hold their value well.
  • Chicago: Normally sold at Harbor Freight and not in high demand.

Tips for Pawning Tools

  • Clean the tools first and make sure they are complete.
  • Call ahead to the pawn shop to see if they will accept your brand of tools.
  • If you are pawning a set of tools, make sure you bring the complete set.