How Check Cashing Works

If you are like many Americans out there, you may get checks for any number of reasons but don’t have a bank account to deposit those checks into.

A check cashing service solves that problem by helping you turn your checks into cash without the need to a bank or other go-between.

The process for cash checks is really straight forward for most businesses.

what is check cashing
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What To Bring With You

This will often depend on the check cashing business that you are working with but for most operations, an ID is all you need.

For others, you may need to have your social security card, or a secondary form of identification.

The best way to be prepared is to call the check casher before you arrive and simply ask them what you should have with you.

What Happens When You Get There

When you arrive at the check casher, you will need to present your check along with any identification that they required from the step above.

You will also need to have the contact information of the organization that issued you the check in many cases.

This is so the check casher can call the party that issued the check and verify that the check is valid and funds are available for you to cash the check.

The length of this process will often depend on that responsiveness of the business that wrote you the check initially. 

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Walk Out With Cash In Hand...

After the check casher has verified your ID and that the check is good, they will then pay you out the amount of the check minus any fees associated with cashing the check for you.

These fees are normally minimal being between 1-5% of the total check value.

Fees are often set by the state you live in and can vary depending on the type of check that you are cashing.

Government checks are normally cashed at a lower rate than other types of checks (such as payroll, or settlement checks for instance.)