pawn buy sell Milwaukee tools pawn shop

Do Pawnshops Accept Milwaukee Tools

When it comes to tool brands that pawnshops commonly accept, Milwaukee is near the top of the chart. Find out what you need to know on getting the most for them from Brian, out resident pawnbroker.

Are Tools A Good Thing To Pawn?

When it comes to things that you can pawn most people suggest jewelry. Right off the bat – it’s the first response. But what’s second? I would say tools are the second most popular thing to pawn in a pawn shop. I’m serious, I see a lot of tools. In fact the number and quantity … Read more

pawn shops buy ladders

Do Pawn Shops Buy Ladders

Construction equipment and tools are something that a lot of pawn shops see and work with on a regular, routine basis. In fact, some pawn shops specialize in these items almost specifically depending on where they are located. But what about ladders? Do pawn shops take them in? Well, in some cases, pawn shops love … Read more

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How To Pawn Tools In 3 Steps

So you need to get a little quick cash and don’t have any nice jewelry that you want to part with – but do you have tools? Well you are in luck then because most major pawn shops happily make loans on professional brand name tools. Note that I did say “Professional Brand Name.” That means brand … Read more

do pawn shops buy micrometers

Do Pawn Shops Buy Micrometers – Answered!

If you have ever wondered if pawn shops would buy micrometers, let me just tell you that you are not alone. Not by a long shot. Many people have asked me if pawn shops buy micrometers and the answer to that question may surprise you, but I don’t think it should. Find out what I have to say about it in this post.

do pawn shops take circular saws

How Much Will A Pawn Shop Pay For A Circular Saw

If you have ever sat down and gone through the list of tools that you have, a circular saw is probably among them. Now, if you are curious to know how much a pawn shop would pay you for your used circular saw, then this is definitely a post that you will want to read. We go into pretty good detail about what a pawn shop is going to be looking at when inspecting your circular saw for a loan or to offer to buy it from you, so be prepared in advance with the information in this post.

do pawn shops take lawn mowers

Do Pawn Shops Buy Lawn Mowers

Of all of the things that pawn shops take in, will they take in lawn mowers? That’s an excellent question so lets get to the answer.

will pawn shops buy toolboxes

Do Pawn Shops Buy Tool Boxes

Tool boxes are a bit of a unique item when it comes to how a pawn shop will handle them. Find out if there are pawn shops that will take in tool boxes in this great article.

will a pawn shop accept hand tools

Do Pawn Shops Buy Hand Tools (Sockets, Wrenches)

This is a situation that mechanics will sometimes get into. The question is if pawn shops are willing to buy or even just make a loan against things like sockets, ratchets and wrenches. Then answer may surprise you.

pawn a chainsaw

How Much Will A Pawn Shop Give Me For A Chainsaw

Sometimes you run into a situation where you need a little quick cash and aren’t sure what to do. Well if you have a chainsaw that you aren’t currently using, you can probably get a quick loan or sell it to a pawn shops for a decent amount of money. Of course, the next major … Read more