Police Return Stolen Items From Local Pawn Shops – Albany, GA

Recently it has been reported that stolen property has been located in 3 pawn shops in the Albany, Ga area with three suspect arrested in connections with the crimes.

[quote_box_right] As originally reported:

Albany Police Department spokeswoman Phyllis Banks said Matthew Woodham is accused of selling stolen items at Albany Music and Pawn, 2005 E. Broad Ave., North Slappey Pawn, 906 N. Slappey Blvd. and Dawson Road Pawn, 2417 Dawson Road.

Donna Martin is accused of selling stolen items at C&P Pawn Shop, 1150 S. Slappey Blvd., and Chad Head allegedly sold stolen goods at Albany Music and Pawn.

Banks said officers recovered items including bicycles, a television and a firearm, which they returned to their owners.

All three suspects were charged with theft by deception, Banks said.


It’s not uncommon for police departments to find stolen merchandise in pawn shops although to be honest, it probably happens much less frequently then you might imagine.

Today pawn shops are typically not an ideal spot for bad guys to try to turn around and sell their stolen items as they often know that they will quickly be caught and arrested by law enforcement.

Today’s pawn laws normally require that pawn shops report their daily transactions tot he law enforcement agencies in their areas, so when something stolen does arrive in a pawn shop, the police department or other law enforcement officials can react quickly to it.

police return stolen items from pawn shops
Sometimes police departments find stolen item in pawn shops. Recently, police from Albany, Ga found and return stolen items from pawn shops that were sold or pawned by 3 young men in connection with the crime. All 3 have been charged at this time. (Not an actual scene photo.)

I’ll never understand why bad guys continue to try to use pawn shops pawn shops…

The fact of the matter is that most bad guys know that pawn shops just aren’t a good place to go to sell your stolen or ill-gotten goods because eventually you will be caught and arrested.

Why they continue to try to do this is honestly beyond me. Is it stupidity? Is it desperation? Or is it that they think, ‘That will never be me, they won’t catch ME.’

Whatever it is, eventually more and more bad guys are just going to find out the hard way that if you tak something into a pawn shop and it is stolen or later connected to a crime, you are going to get caught, get arrested and go to jail. There’s just no way around it.

So bad guys, do everyone a favor and stop stealing to begin with – but if you are going to keep ripping people off, make sure that you go to the pawn shop with the stuff so that the rightful owners can get it back and you go to jail, where you belong!

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