Is It A Good Idea To Sell Rare Coins At A Pawn Shop?

Are you looking to sell rare coins? Good news… Most pawn shops are not only happy to buy or loan on rare coins but will give you a great value on them as well. You see, pawn shops do a lot of business with precious metals. Most pawnbrokers check the scrape value of metals everyday and … Read more

Is A Resale Shop The Same As A Pawn Shop?

Pawn shops can be an interesting experience if you have never had to use one before and don’t know what it is that they do. Of course, there’s always what you see on TV, but is that really a representation of what pawn shops actually do? Some people think that resale shops are pawn shops … Read more

What Can You Pawn? – ANSWERED

Sometimes you need to come up with some quick cash to get your through a rough point in time where bills are stacking up or there just isn’t enough to go around. It’s completely reasonable and a lot of people have this happen. One thing that you might think about doing is using a pawn … Read more

Inspired By Ashley Broad Of Hardcore Pawn

Ashley Broad, love her or hate her is probably the most distinguished member of the Hardcore Pawn cast. Yes, even more distinguished than Mr. Pawnbroker of the Year Seth. With her superior customer service skills and unique ability to see value in things the guys don’t – she is someone every pawn shop would be … Read more

New Law To Violate Customer Privacy in Cobb County?

Just yesterday I wrote about a law that may force some pawn shops to upload their transaction information to a third party vendor and they would then make it available to police departments. Turns out, that isn’t the only law in the works to do that – but this one is far more intrusive. I … Read more

The Digital Age Still Hasn’t Hit Pawn Shops

There was a recent news story about Sioux City. They want to update their pawn ticket reporting system to something digital – leadsonline is a commonly used service. I think this is great news! Having to fill out little cards for each transaction is a major pain for pawn shops. It’s also slow and pretty ineffective for … Read more

Why You Should Love Pawn Shops

You know, pretty much every day I hear customers tell us how much they love doing business with our pawn shop. But every now and then, I do hear something negative. It’s not often… For the most part I shrug it off, but to be honest it has gotten under my skin more than once as … Read more