how much will a pawn shop pay for your guitar

How Much You Can Pawn Your Guitar For At A Pawn Shop

Sometimes you’ve got to come up with some emergency cash and there aren’t many things that you might have to do it. Well, if you have a guitar, one of the things that you can do is either sell or pawn your guitar at the local pawn shop. Of course, if you are thinking about … Read more

Do Pawn Shops Buy MP3 Players – How Do They Pay?

When it comes to MP3 players it can be a sticky subject at times. After all, you have everything from the well known iPod down to off-brand and unknown mp3 players from eBay. Buy do pawn shops buy them? The answer is that is really depends on what the MP3 player is that you are … Read more

pawns shops and stolen merchandise

Do Pawn Shops Check For Stolen Items – ANSWERED!

I know, I know – when it comes to stolen merchandise it seems that one of the first things that everyone thinks about is a pawn shop and if something ended up at one. The truth of that matter is that most pawn brokers are extremely ethical business operators and do everything in their power … Read more

what hours are pawn shops open

Pawn Shop Hours

Need some quick cash? I get it. One of the things you can do to come up with it is head to your local pawn shop to see if they might be able to make you a loan on your gently used items. The next question of course is – ‘When are they open?’ Well, … Read more

How Do Pawn Shops Determine Values

How do pawn shops determine the value of the items that they make you offers based on? Simple question, but it’s one that I can answer pretty easily and in a way that you will easily and gladly understand very quickly.

What Happens When You Pawn Something

Do you want to now what happens when you pawn something? We explain it to you in a very easy to understand way that you will appreciate. There will be no questions left by the time you are done with this article!

pawnshops and property loans

What Do Pawnshops Do With Property Loans

Walking into a pond shop the first time can be an interesting experience. You really may not know what to expect. That’s okay, many of us have been in the same boat. The fact of the matter is that often times you give a pawn shop something you consider very valuable are prized, maybe it’s … Read more

What’s The Coolest Thing In The Pawn Shop Today?

The pawn industry can be both fun and interesting at times. In fact, I don’t know of any other business out there that is more interesting or more unique than what can happen on a day to day basis inside of a pawn shop. Every now and then I get to see some pretty cool … Read more

Do Pawn Shops Take CDs?

CD’s are an interesting item these days. It might shock you to learn but some high school students have never even seen a CD, nor do they know where you would buy one if you wanted it. Even more shockingly, they don’t have anything that would play one other than maybe their laptop. In the … Read more

Are Pawn Shops Open On Sundays?

Wouldn’t it be nice if every place was open regular hours, every day of the week. Sure it would! And in today’s service-forward industries don’t think that there isn’t a major push to make that a reality. That having been said, we are all still people – people with families and family gatherings. In fact, … Read more

Do Pawn Shops Offer Cash Advances?

Pawn shops are an interesting business. They make loans on valuables but they aren’t your typical sort of loan. They are a secured loan and won’t go against your credit record if you default on them. That’s what really makes them unique when compared to other businesses like them. But what about other types of … Read more

Can You Pawn the Title Of A Car That Doesn’t Run?

A big thanks to Sam in Seattle, WA for sending me this question. What Sam wanted to know was if you could pawn the title of a car that doesn’t currently run and I thought that was a really unique question to be honest. The answer is yes you can pawn the title of a … Read more

The Positives Of A Pawn Shop

If you have never needed to use the services of a pawn shop then you might not know much about them. Unfortunately some people have a negative view of pawn shops, but that’s not really fair – nor are what they may be basing their views on entirely true in most cases. The truth is … Read more

Can You Buy Things From A Pawn Shop Online?

The answer is yes. Well, it’s yes in most cases anyways. Of course not all pawn shops are the same or operate in the exact same way so you have to be mindful of that. It’s like anything else really, certain people will just do things certain ways and pawnbrokers are no exception. You can … Read more

Do Pawn Shops Throw Diamonds Away?

This was a great question that I recently received through the ‘Ask The Nerd’ page which you can find at the top menu. If you have questions about the pawn industry then feel free to take a moment and write me – I would love to hear from you. But let’s get to answering that question … Read more

Who Runs A Pawn Shop?

This is a bit of a unique question that I got in the from ‘Ask The Nerd‘ button, so I had to post a reply. When most people deal with their local pawn shop, they normally only see the desk clerk or whomever happens to be at the counter to help them with their loans. … Read more

Can You Find Deals In Pawn Shops?

Everyone is looking for the best prices and who can blame them? We all want to save a few bucks if we can. Fortunately that is what makes pawn shops such a great place to shop! Typically speaking pawn shops will offer you the best prices possible on new or gently used merchandise of all different … Read more

Do They Fingerprint At Pawn Shops?

That’s an interesting question – but to answer it, yes some pawn shops do take finger prints. Normally it is a state of city law that forces them to take the finger prints and they are stored securely at the pawn shop. Police departments and other law enforcement agencies will have access to those finger prints … Read more

Do Pawn Shops Offer A Cash Advance Loan?

Pawn shops are typically known for loans against collateral or possessions and are considered one of the safety forms of loans that you can make because if you are unable to repay the loan it doesn’t go against your credit score. But there are actually business that operate as both pawn shops and cash advance … Read more

How To Pawn Appliances 101

So you need a little quick cash? No problem, that exactly what a pawn shop is for. If you have a nicer, newer appliance that you can live without for a few weeks – then it might be worth calling your local pawn shop to see if they take them in. When you call, make sure … Read more

Can You Sell Comic Books At A Pawn Shop?

So you are looking to sell your comic books? Well if you don’t have a comic shop in your area and are uncomfortable with eBay – maybe consider giving your local pawn shop a call. While not all pawn shops accept comics books – if you books are at all collectible there are many shops out … Read more