Hardcore Pawn’s Seth Gold Is The Pawnbroker Of The Year!

It’s official, as of today Seth Gold, best known for his role in Hardcore Pawn was award the ‘Pawnbroker Of The Year’ Award in Las Vegas. The news was released today by the NPA. The NPA is correctly holding the Pawn Expo in Las Vegas, NV as they do every July. You can read more … Read more

pawn for fast cash

How To Pawn Something For Fast Cash

We’ve all been there. Unexpected bills roll in. Maybe a sudden expense. Maybe you just got sick and couldn’t work as much as you had hoped to and you ended up short this paycheck. So what do you do when that happens? Well one options is to get a short term loan to help get … Read more

there are plenty of pawn shops in ohio

How Does A Pawn Shop Work In Ohio

If you haven’t seen it yet – I put a question page up on the blog so that you can ask me questions directly. If you have a question about the pawn industry, just leave me a question and if it’s particularly interesting I’ll be happy to answer it in a blog post dedicated just … Read more

pawn medical devices

Do Pawn Shops Buy Medical Equipment

Other Details on Pawning Medical Devices Generally speaking, you will want to make sure that whatever you are taking to the pawn shop is very clean and in good working order. Cleanliness is by far the most important factor though. Keep in mind, medical devices normally touch someone’s body. If you forfeit a medical device, … Read more

pawn your die cast car

Are Diecast Cars Something That Pawnshops Buy?

Notes: I can’t stress this enough… MAKE SURE you have the boxes and presentation stands or cases with you when you take a diecast car to a pawnshop. If the box has previously been opened, don’t try to misrepresent it otherwise, it’s pretty easy to tell when something has been unsealed. If you displayed your … Read more

pawn matchbox cars

Do Pawn Shops Take Matchbox Cars – Answered!

Personal Experience: In all my years behind the counter of a pawn shop, it would have been very rare to see someone come in with some Matchbox cars to make a loan on, but it did happen a few times. Even the most sought after matchbox cars only fetch between $10-$25 on eBay at most, … Read more

Can You Sell Washers And Dryers To Pawn Shops?

Pawn shops tend to take a lot of merchandise but when you are talking about appliances like washers and dryers, very few pawn shops will take them in. They are normally just too big to store many of. 2 or 3 sets will take up a lot of space, and they aren’t incredibly valuable – … Read more

sell broken ipads

Can You Pawn A Broken iPad

Legacy PawnNerd Article/Notes So can you pawn a broken iPad? Well, that’s a great question but unfortunately it’s not a question that’s very easily answered with a single reply. You see, not all pawn shops operate the same way. They don’t all follow the same rules. While some pawn shops will say no as soon … Read more

pawn broken tablet

Can You Pawn A Broken Tablet

Cracked screens, missing buttons, dented rear panels. Broken tablets come with all sorts of problems and most pawn shops are familiar with them. When it comes to pawning them though, is that something a pawn shop will take? Well, in most cases, it is not something that a pawn shop will make you a loan … Read more

can you pawn vacuums

Do Pawn Shops Buy Vacuums

When it comes to vacuums, it’s an item that most pawn shops will work with if it is a nicer vacuum and in good condition but not all. You have to understand that not all pawn shops operate on the same set of rules or criteria for what they will and will not accept. That … Read more

don't make mistakes at the pawn shop

The Biggest Mistake You’ll Ever Make In A Pawn Shop

Pawn shops have a unique role in our modern society. Some people go there to access a fast, short term loan when they need cash in an emergency. Others go to pawn shops looking for high end merchandise at rock bottom prices. Whatever reasons you might have for visiting your local pawn shop there are some … Read more

pawn pro

How To Pawn Like A Pro In 3 Steps

Learning how to pawn like a pro isn’t that difficult… While there is an argument to be made for not getting so good at pawning that you can do it like a pro – following these three steps will help you get through your first loan with ease. So here we go… this are the … Read more

things pawn shops buy

What Do Pawn Shops Buy?

Want to know what pawn shops buy and what you can expect to get for your gently used items? Then read this article.

pawn shop interest fees

Pawn Shop Interest Rates Explained

Sometimes we all hit a rough spot financially and need a little help through a rough period of time. It’s completely normal and happens to a lot of people. One of the options you have is to make a pawn load on some valuable items you may own that are in good condition and complete. … Read more

Understanding how pawn shops work

How Do Pawn Shops Work – ANSWERED!

Have you ever wanted to know how pawn shops work? No problem, I’ve got you covered! Quick Overview On How Pawn Shops Work Pawn shops typically make money by making loans on merchandise (jewelry is common). They determine it’s value and then offer to make you a loan on your item, or often times they … Read more

learn what pawn shops do

What Does A Pawn Shop Do Exactly?

So you want to know what a pawn shop does – great! Pawn shops have a variety of different roles and offer a number of services to the communities they serve. While different pawn shops can offer different services, most of them share two basic services in common. Understanding them can make your experience in … Read more

will a pawn shop buy a microscope

Do Pawn Shops Buy Microscopes – Answered!

Pawn shops buy a lot of different things, but what about microscopes? Will a pawn shop buy your microscope? It’s a fair question and honestly, not one that I’m asked all that often. So with that having been said, let’s dig in and find out what the answer is to this unique question.

can you pawn a broken tv

Can You Pawn A Broken TV – Answered!

Will pawn shops take broken TVs? To be fair, it’s a question that I get asked all of the time. Seriously, there’s a lot of broken TVs out there! That having been said, is a broken TV something that a pawn shop would really want to deal with? Do pawn shops buy broken TVs? Find out in this article!

do pawn shops buy heaters

Do Pawn Shops Buy Heaters – Answered!

During the colder months, indoor heaters are a popular thing. For that matter, outdoor heaters are also very popular. But that having been said, are heaters something that a pawn shop would seriously consider taking in on a loan or offer to buy from you? Good question, so now let’s get it answered once and for all. Do pawn shops take heaters?

do pawn shops accept hookahs

Do Pawn Shops Accept Hookahs – Answered!

Do pawn shops take hookahs? Good question, and today, I decided that we would really look at the topic and see what the deal was. Are hookahs something that a pawn shop will take in? Find out now!

will a pawn shop take a check

Do Pawn Shops Accept Checks – Answered!

One of the questions that I’m always asked is whether or not pawn shops accept checks as a form of payment to get their items out of loan. I’m not sure why, but this answer seems to surprise a lot of people, so lets talk about it. Do pawn shops really accept checks?

do pawn shops take fitbits

Do Pawn Shops Buy Fitbits – Answered!

A lot of people have asked me many questions about the pawn industry over the years and as technology changes, the types of merchandise they ask about changes as well. One of the more popular forms of merchandise that people ask me about today are personal fitness trackers. The Fitbit is probably the most popular of all of those and in today’s post, I will answer the question on whether or not pawn shops buy Fitbits once and for all.

will a pawn shop buy metal detectors

Do Pawn Shops Buy Metal Detectors – Answered!

If you are wondering if pawn shops buy metal detectors, let me just tell you that you are not alone – not by a long shot. This is a question that I get asked at least 3 or 4 times a week and to be honest with you, pawn shops love metal detectors normally. Find out why in this article!

do pawn shops accept swords

Do Pawn Shops Buy Swords – Answered!

A lot of people ask if pawn shops buy swords. Like all things on this blog, I like to give the best and most detailed answer possible, so if you have ever wondered the same thing, then spend a few minutes with us and learn if pawn shops buy swords and what you should do to try to get the most money out of yours possible.

do pawn shops take micrphones

Do Pawn Shops Buy Microphones – Answered!

With all of the things that pawn shops take in on a regular basis, some people have asked if pawn shops buy microphones. Well, I decided that it was time to get to the bottom of that question and give you the answer that you are looking for!

will pawn shops buy car parts

Do Pawn Shops Buy Car Parts – Answered!

Some people have asked me if pawn shops would buy car parts or not and I’ve always found this question a little intriguing. Maybe it’s because I’ve worked on cars my whole life, but I think it’s about time that we answer this question once and for all! Let’s get to it… do pawn shops buy car parts?

do pawn shops accept treadmills

Do Pawn Shops Buy Treadmills – Answered!

Of all of the things that pawn shops take in on a regular basis, one that I’m pretty frequently asked about are treadmills. Is a treadmill something that a pawn shop would accept or consider buying from you if you were in a position to sell it? Find out the answer to that question right here.

will a pawn shop take a router

Do Pawn Shops Buy Routers – ANSWERED!

A lot of people bring a huge variety of things into pawn shops and what those pawn shops are willing to take can vary greatly. That having been said, when it comes to electronics, pawn shops can tend to be a little picky. But what about wifi routers? Will pawn shops buy your router? Find out in this article!

do pawn shops take vapes

Do Pawn Shops Buy Vapes (Vape Pens)? Answered!

With all of the different things that pawn shops buy, a lot of people have wondered if a pawn shop would buy a vape pen. Get the answer to your question here as we go deep into the topic and find out just how pawn shops really feel about dealing with vaporizers.