Do Pawn Shops Buy BB Guns – THE TRUTH!

Mandy Dormain


Will Pawn Shops Accept BB Guns?
Okay, so here is one of those questions that I will often see asked, particularly in pawn shops that don’t accept firearms.
Will a pawn shop accept a BB gun for a loan, or as a sale. This is not always easy to answer because of the various factors involved.
Some pawn shop owners just aren’t comfortable carrying this type of merchandise, or any other types of merchandise where people could easily hurt themselves.
Because of the recent police shootings involving children carrying BB guns that look like real guns, there are many pawn shops that don’t want to be associated with them.
They more than likely fear that they may end up selling a BB gun to somebody that may be later involved in such an incident.
Now with all of that in mind, there are plenty of pawn shops out there that will accept BB guns. Particularly if these BB guns are shaped like rifles, have an orange tip on them, and are generally easily identifiable is not being a real gun.
That having been said, you still may have to do some digging around to find a pawn shop that will accept BB guns.
Even if a pawn shop does not carry firearms, you may be wondering if they will buy a BB gun. So, do pawn shops buy BB guns? Well, that actually depends on a few different factors.
Finding Pawn Shops That Take BB Guns
Finding a pawn shop that will accept a BB gun is usually pretty easy to do.
You will just go over to and searche for local pawn shops or pawn shops in your area.
Google will return a list of pawn shops in your area, along with their phone numbers and addresses.
You will want to go through this list, one by one and check to see if they accept BB guns. While you have them on the phone, ask them what you will need to bring in with you to make a loan.
Getting this type of information up front will save you a trip that might be wasted otherwise.
There’s really not much to getting the most out of your BB gun at a pawn shop.
Obviously, you want to make sure it’s in good condition and works properly. It may not be a bad idea to bring a few BBs with you, but don’t have them in the gun when you walk into the pawn shop.
The reason that you might want to have these with you, is so that you can demonstrate that the BB gun works properly should the pawn shop want to test it.
Other than that, make sure that you also have any kind of case that came with the BB gun with you when you purchased it new.
The Nerd’s Opinion
Don’t expect an incredible amount of money for your BB gun at a pawn shop.
It’s just not the type of item that is going to get a lot of money from a pawn shop on a loan or even if they offer to buy it from you.
There is a lot of demand for things like BB guns, and they are typically pretty inexpensive to buy new.






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