Pawn Shop Hours – When Are They Open

Brian McCracken


Need some quick cash? I get it. One of the things you can do to come up with it is head to your local pawn shop to see if they might be able to make you a loan on your gently used items.

When are they open?

Well, most pawn shops are going to be open on what are known as ‘Banker Hours.’ That is Monday-Friday during the day (typically something like 9-5) and then Saturday mornings (meaning 10-2 or similar.)

While that may not seem particularly convenient, you’ve got to keep in mind that these business are largely financial services and institutions and because of that are going to be open similar hours. They don’t often operate like a Walmart or Target might and to be honest, when they are they don’t typically do a whole lot of business in the late evening and night time hours. It’s just not worth them being open and staffing their stores during this time.

Now, let’s keep in mind that this is more of a general fact and not the complete rule for the entire industry or all pawn shops.
Some pawn shops have highly developed retail operations and may stay open as late as 9 or 10PM to service their retail customer’s needs. This is even more true during some of the holiday shopping hours where everyone is looking for a great deal – the kind of deal that pawn shops offer to their customers.

Pawn Shop are typically open during what are known as ‘Banker Hours.’ In addition, some (but not many) pawn shops are also open on Sundays. This is much less common though. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that this is extremely rare. There’s really no need for most pawn shops to be open on Sundays and they typically do very little business when they are open those hours. It’s not the end of the world though, it’s really just the reality of this business and how their customers operate.

The Nerd’s Opinion

While most pawn shops aren’t open that late you will find some operations out there that are open 9at least in part) up to 24 hours a day. That is really, really uncommon and definitely not the normal situation by any stretch of the imagination – but it is something that you may encounter so don’t be to shocked. I’ve seen pawn shops that have 24 hour ‘Pick up’ service, or that is that they will let you redeem a loan through a drive through window 24 hours a day. It’s very uncommon for these operations to also offer 24 hours loaning or check cashing services though.

The bottom line here is to use your phone book and call your local pawn shop to see when they might be open and head on down in person. I would say to use Google or something similar to look up the hours of operation but Google isn’t always accurate to be honest. This is even more true when pawn shops change their hours or are open special hours during the holidays. These third party services just can’t keep up with those kinds of changes for the most part – so just take the 30 seconds and call to find out. It really is the best way.