How Much Do Check Cashing Places Charge – SOLVED!

Mandy Dormain


One of the first questions people ask when looking to cash a check is this: How much do check cashing places charge?
When people are first considering using a check cashing business to cash a check, they typically have one question.
The first question is almost always, how much do check cashing places charge?
While it is almost impossible for me to give you one answer that covers all check cashing places across the country, there are some general rules that apply to determining how much check cashing places charge for their services.
Typically speaking, the rate check-cashing business can charge for cashing a check will be determined on the state level.
What that means is that the fees, or percentages that they charge for their services are going to be set by state law.
While some check cashing places will choose to charge fees lower than the rate set by state law, most will usually charge whatever the state law mandates.
That having been said, these rates are not consistent across the board with all checks.
Typically speaking, these rates will vary based on the type of check that you are attempting to cash.
For instance a payroll check will usually have a slightly higher fee than something like a government check.
However that is not always the case.
In addition, the greater the amount of the check, the higher the fee for cashing it will typically be.
But that is just a gross generalization at best. Like I said these things are hard to determine on a nationwide level and it’s almost impossible for me to tell you any one consistent number that you can take with you and apply no matter where you go.
How much do check cashing places charge? This is the first question most people ask when looking to cash a check at a check cashing business. Luckily, the amount is typically only a small percentage of the total amount of the check.
If you’re attempting to determine the best rate or deal that you can get when trying to cash a check any check cashing place, there is a usually a very easy way to go about doing this.
The easiest way is to go to and search check cashing business near me, or local check cashers.
Google will return a list of results along with their phone numbers and addresses.
You want to go down the list, call them one by one and asked them what their rates are for cashing checks.
You may find that some check cashers offer more competitive rates than others and attempt to undercut the competition.
However, don’t be surprised if there are a lot of check cashers out there that are resistant to the idea of telling you exactly what they charge.
This is done for a couple reasons. The first reason is because they don’t want their competition to price match them or undercut them for their services. The second reason this is done is typically because it is tough to determine exactly what kind of check somebody has before they come into the store.
Because it’s so tough to determine the type of check that somebody is attempting to cash, it can be difficult to quote somebody a rate that will be accurate.
The Nerd’s Opinion
Check cashing businesses normally charge very reasonable rates.
It is not uncommon to find that in heavily competitive areas that check cashers will compete with each other very aggressively to provide the lowest rate for cashing checks.
This a business that unfortunately is dying a little bit at a time with the advent of direct deposit.
Because of that, check cashers are fiercely competitive with each other in the rates they charge, and the services they offer. Ultimately this works out to your advantage because you may be able to shop around for the best deal possible.






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