pawn your jewelry

How To Pawn Jewelry Like A Pro

Sometimes bills come in or you get sick and can’t work and that ends up leaving you a little short to make all of your payments and take care of the things that you have to take care of. It happens all the time and to a lot of good people. In these scenarios it … Read more

buy engagement ring pawn shop

Buying An Engagement Ring From A Pawn Shop

One of the many things that pawn shops do is sell high quality, high value, pre-owned jewelry. This can mean anything from necklaces, tennis bracelets and yes, engagement rings. But is buying an engagement ring from a pawn shop a bad idea? There’s a lot of people that think that if you do, it will … Read more

get the most money for your gold jewelry

3 Great Tips To Get The Most For Your Gold Jewelry!

I see a lot of jewelry come through our pawn shop doors. It’s just one of those types of items that virtually everyone knows a pawn shop will take or work with for a short term cash loan or buy outright if that’s what the customer would like to do. Some people want to just … Read more

do pawn shops take broken jewelry

Can You Pawn Broken Jewelry – ANSWERED!

Over the years that I’ve been in the pawn industry, one of the most frequently asked questions has always been “Can you pawn broken jewelry?” Well, I’m here to tell you that as long as the jewelry that you are talking about is made out of silver or gold, then yes, you absolutely can pawn … Read more

will pawn shops take tungsten rings

Do Pawn Shops Buy Tungsten Rings – Answered!

A lot of people take tungsten rings into pawn shops hoping that they will buy them. The question is though if pawn shops will even accept ring made out of tungsten to begin with? Find out the answer to your question in this post!

will pawn shops buy black diamonds

Do Pawn Shops Buy Black Diamonds

When you work in a pawn shop, you see a lot of things come through those doors. Some are very common, like drills, sanders, gold rings, TVs, and so forth. Every now and then, you see something a little less common come through the door way though, but just because it is less common, does … Read more

how do pawn shops price diamonds

How Pawn Shops Price Diamonds

One of the biggest areas of confusion for people are the value of diamonds at pawn shops. The question that I’m almost always asked is “How Pawn Shops Price Diamonds?” Well, just like gold and silver, diamonds are valued based on their rarity. Gold is less common than silver, so it is worth much more. On the … Read more

how does a pawn shop price gold

How Do Pawn Shops Price Gold

One of the most common questions I get asked in a pawn shop is “How do pawn shops price gold?” It’s actually very easy to answer. Since gold and silver are priced on an international level, by their weight, a pawn shop goes by the same standard. They determine this by putting your jewelry on a … Read more

will pawn shops buy cubic zirconia

Do Pawn Shops Buy Cubic Zirconia

When it comes to all of the things that pawn shops take in, how do they feel about cubic zirconia anyways? Is that something that they would often take in or not?

how do pawn shops buy gold for cash from people

How Do Pawn Shops Buy Gold

Pawn shops see a lot of gold come through their doors. It’s probably one of the most common types of merchandise to come into pawn shops. But, how do they buy gold?

will pawn shops sell you fake diamonds

Can Pawn Shops Sell Fake Diamonds

So, when you go into a pawn shop to buy something, there are a lot of things that may cross your mind. This is even more true when we are talking about buying diamonds from a pawn shop. A lot of people see the prices that pawn shops sell their diamonds for and wonder if … Read more

How To Find Stolen Jewelry At A Pawn Shop

How To Find Stolen Jewelry At A Pawn Shop

First of all, let me just say that if you have had something stolen, then I understand exactly what you are going through. Particularly if this was something taken from your home, and by someone who you think might be a family member and that you trusted. Obviously, working in pawn shops, I do here … Read more

How Do Pawn Shops Figure Out The Weight Of Gold

How Do Pawn Shops Weigh Gold

When you take gold into a pawn shop, how exactly do they weigh it to know how much to give you? Here’s the answer that you are looking for.

Will Pawn Shops Take Loose Diamonds

Do Pawn Shops Buy Loose Diamonds

So if you take some loose diamonds into a pawn shop, will they offer to buy them off you or at very least, offer to make you a loan against them? That’s a good question and here’s what you can expect when it comes to pawn shops and loose diamonds.

Do Pawn Shops Buy Fake Gold

So, fake gold, will pawn shops buy it or turn it down or do they take it? That’s a good question and the truth of the matter is that what I tell you may surprise you.

do pawn shops accept silver plated items

Do Pawn Shops Buy Silver Plated Items

There are quite a few silver plated items out there that people have for sale but will a pawn shop actually buy something that is just silver plated? Good question – let’s get to that answer!

Can A Pawn Shop Tell If A Diamond Is Real

of all of the things that I cover on this blog, one of the most interesting things to talk about our diamonds. A lot of people have misconceptions when it comes to pawn shops and diamonds, so let’s find out if pawnshops can tell if a diamond is real or not.

pawn shop test diamonds

How Do Pawn Shops Test Diamonds

Pawn shops come across diamonds all of the time and one of the things that they need to know before lending money on them is if they are real or not. Here’s how they find out for sure if your diamonds are real.

Will Pawn Shops Take Stainless Steel Jewelry

In this article we examine the question of Will Pawn Shops Take Stainless Steel Jewelry and what we come up with may surprise you. If you’ve been turned down for a loan on stainless steel jewelry before then you need to read this post!

How To Pawn Jewelry At A Pawn Shop

So you need to come up with some quick cash and have some jewelry that you can let go of for a short period of time. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about selling it, just letting someone hold on to it, in a secure location, so that you can barrow some money. If you are … Read more