Inspired By Ashley Broad Of Hardcore Pawn

Ashley Broad, love her or hate her is probably the most distinguished member of the Hardcore Pawn cast. Yes, even more distinguished than Mr. Pawnbroker of the Year Seth.

With her superior customer service skills and unique ability to see value in things the guys don’t – she is someone every pawn shop would be lucky to have in their store.

Not only has she managed to survive in a male dominated industry, she has thrived in it.

With just a little research you will uncover the undeniable truth that the pawn business is truly in her blood. Having wrote her first pawn ticket at age 7, you could say that she started earlier than most in the pawn industry.

According to an article in Forbes, she started spending Saturday’s in her father’s pawn shop as a young child, but knew even at an early age that the family business is where she belonged.

Soon after college Ashley got a diamond degree from the Gemological Institute and returned to the male dominated pawn shop – which is no easy thing in and of itself.

ashleytallWorking with your family can be quite a task to handle on a daily basis, but it certainly was not made any easier by the fact that the pawn industry is comprised of mostly men to begin with. Not only is Ashley able to do everything the men can, but she brings a unique point of view to the store as well.

Making good use of her degree-earned skills in customer service, she is quick to try to help the people that she comes in contact with. Beyond treating customers with kindness and compassion, she can also look at some of the merchandise that rolls through the doors with a unique perspective as a woman and see value in some things that the men would otherwise ignore.

Having that perspective is priceless in this industry because 99% of what goes inside of a pawn shop is figuring out what something is worth. Whether it comes through the doors as a possible loan or sale or if a customer would like to negotiate on the price to buy an item, someone who works in a pawn shop has to be able to put a value on something quickly and make the best deal possible.

Her ability to see value in merchandise that her father and brother might pass up is a unique and powerful asset that she brings to the business.

Virtually any pawn shop would be lucky to have “An Ashley” on staff… and hopefully they will.

Ashley might just be paving the way for a new wave of strong and intelligent women to enter the pawn industry knowing that they can bring something to the business that no man can… Not even Seth. 🙂

Keep it up Ashley!

The Head Nerd