How To Sell A Xbox 360 And Get The Most!

Brian McCracken


Is it time to move on from your old Xbox 360… maybe. But not because you didn’t love it. It was a great system and still has new games released for it, even a year after the Xbox One was released.
But maybe it has just come time to move on, or maybe you could use the extra cash. Whatever your reason, it’s time for the gold ole’ 360 to go on it’s way.
So the next question becomes what to do with it from here.
The truth is that a lot of people sell them on eBay and Amazon, but that’s not without some potential drawbacks.
Some auctions are never paid on eBay. with Amazon there’s all sorts of other questions involved because of their control over refunds. Sometimes something mights happen that’s not entirely your fault might create a problem – and then there’s the fact that you have to pack it up and ship it.
Of course, you could take it to a place like Gamestop – but when you go to these national ‘Entertainment’ box-type stores you won’t typically get the best price.
If you want to be risky, you could chance it on Craigslist…
Or you could draw a happy medium between all of these options and consider some place like a pawn shop. But what do you do next…?
How To Get The Most Money For A Xbox 360
Let’s start with the basics.
If you want to get the most for your xbox 360, be sure to clean it up first.
1. Clean It Off
You should clean the system off. Blow or wipe off any dust, clean up any marks on the system as well. If you have stickers on there, take them off and remove the adhesive with a plastic-safe product.
Don’t forget to blow the dust out of the vents and fan. If really, you should remove anything on any of the lips or cracks of the surface. Same with the controllers and cords. Pawn shops appreciate this and may offer more based on nothing more than the fact that it purely looks more presentable.
If you want to go the extra mile, format your Xbox before taking it in.
2. Format The Hard Drive
There’s a few tutorials out there on how you can do this quickly. It’s basically just a few clicks in the dashboard (System -> Storage -> Select The Hard Drive -> Format -> Enter The Serial Code.)
This will remove previous game and media storage from the hard disk as well as your profiles and any possible sensitive information that you don’t want others to have. It also saves the pawnshop a little time and they value that.
3. Make Sure You Have Everything & Bring A Game
Make sure that you have all of the accessories with you for the best price.
If you are one of those people that keep the box, put it in there and try to do it nicely. The better it fits in the box, the safer it is and again – it’s simply more presentable and therefore sellable.
Don’t forget any cords and try to bring a game with you as well. Some smaller pawn shops may not have a game laying around to test it with so if you have a game you can spare (or borrow) then bring it with you. That way they can verify that it works and plays a game disc well.
Ultimately, doing this only strengthens your position in some scenarios.
How Much Will You Get For Your Xbox?
Typically speaking, you can expect to get between 40-60% of the current trending eBay value.
That might not sound too incredible, until you realize that you won’t be dealing with any of the shipping or possible payment headaches that can be associated with selling something online.
That’s often times what pawn shops tend to be good at. But like any other business, they need to justify their presence and so they need to make a little more on the deal too. That’s the trade off, but you’re still going to get a respectable amount for your Xbox 360 and won’t have to deal with any of the headaches!