How To Pawn Tools In 3 Steps

Brian McCracken


So you need to get a little quick cash and don’t have any nice jewelry that you want to part with – but do you have tools? Well you are in luck then because most major pawn shops happily make loans on professional brand name tools.
Note that I did say “Professional Brand Name.” That means brand names such as DeWalt, Snap On, Milwaukee, Makita & MAC….
While some pawn shops will take in almost any kind of tool – most pawn shops only take in specific brands that they know are widely desirable.
If you have tools that are a respectable brand and, work very well and are in good condition then you may have exactly what you need to make a pawn loan against them and help you through a rough period that you might happen to be in.
But is it tough to make a pawn against your tools? Is there anything you should know?
If you want to make a loan against your tools, it really comes down to one simple rule. The rule of the three C’s…
Step 1: Clean Them
We all know that guys work with their tools. They are going to get dirty and marked up along the way. It’s not uncommon for your average tool to have plenty of scuffs and scratches – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it.
Learn how to pawn your gently used tools for quick cash, the right way!
While it’s understood that you plan on coming back for your items, pawn shops have to look at them as if they would have to resell them one day. It’s just the nature of the business.
So if you bring in a tool that is covered in oil and generally dirty than guess what? They are going to be figuring the cost of cleaning that tool before they could resell it into the equation and ultimately give you less for it than you might have been able to get otherwise.
In addition, if your tool is in very good condition, but it’s covered in mud and oil the pawn shop won’t be able to see how good of shape it is really in and give you less for it than you might have gotten if it was clean.
No matter how you look at it, it’s just best to make sure your tools are clean before you take them into the pawn shop. It will help ensure that they will be willing to take them in and give you the most for them.
Step 2: Make Sure They Are Complete
It’s not uncommon for tools to come in our pawn shop missing parts. In fact it happens every day.
Because it happens so regularly, we know when something is missing and loan less against that item.
Why? Because if it’s left in the pawn shop and never picked up – we’ve got to go out and buy those missing pieces before we can resell it. Nobody wants to buy a tool that’s missing parts and pieces and quite frankly – neither does your local pawn shop.
Step 3: Charge Your Batteries
Cordless tools are all the rage these days. They come in all shapes, sizes, voltages, brands, etc…
Charge up your tool’s batteries before you get to the pawn shop!
Unfortunately if your batteries aren’t charged when you bring your tools into the pawn shop, then the employee will have no idea if your tool works and how well it works.
But the trouble doesn’t stop at just knowing if and how well your tool works – tool batteries die and need to be replaced regularly.
So if you take a tool into the pawn shop and the battery is dead, not only will the employee looking at your tool not know if the tool itself is any good – but they will also be wondering if the battery is any good either.
That’s a big problem because tool batteries are expensive! If you leave your tool at the pawn shop and never come back to pick it up, then they have to spend $60 or $70 on a new battery just to sell it.
Guess what that does to the amount you are loaned on your tool? Yep, that’s right… suddenly the amount of money you are offered against the tool plummets!
And That’s How To Pawn Tools…
By following these three simple steps you will help ensure that your local pawn shop not only takes your items in, but gives you the most possible for them.
To wrap up, make sure that you have a professional brand tool and that it is Clean, Complete, and Charged.
The three C’s will make a big difference in your pawn experience, especially when it comes to tools.
The Nerd’s Experience
Learning how to pawn tools is easy. In fact it’s one of the easiest things to pawn out there!
Pawn shops are there as something you can use for quick money when you need it to cover expenses. It’s absolutely in your best interest to come prepared so that you can barrow the greatest possible amount for your item. Clean it up, find all of the parts, and charge it up if it’s cordless or uses a battery.
You would be surprised how many people bring in dirty tools that are incomplete and not charged properly. Don’t be one of these people! It just kills me to see it.
If you should have any questions about how to pawn tools, just leave them into the comment are below and I’ll be happy to look at it and see if I can help you out.
Thanks as always!
The Head Nerd