How To Pawn Appliances 101

Mandy Dormain


So you need a little quick cash? No problem, that exactly what a pawn shop is for. If you have a nicer, newer appliance that you can live without for a few weeks – then it might be worth calling your local pawn shop to see if they take them in.
When you call, make sure you ask if they take in the type of appliance that you want to bring.
Don’t just ask if they take in ‘appliances.’ If you plan on taking down a washer, ask if they take washers. It’s important to find that out first because appliances can be tough to load up and transport.
You don’t want to have to go through all of that work just to waste your time if they don’t take in what you brought with you.
Once you know if they take in what you want to make a loan on, there are a couple special things you should pay attention to before you go.
It’s important you don’t skip this because it can make the difference between a great law experience and not such a great one.
Test It Out
Whatever you plan on taking, spend 10 minutes and make sure that every single ‘Mode’ and “Function’ works just like it is supposed to. You don’t want to find out something doesn’t work right by having the pawnbroker point it out to you.
If you do find that something doesn’t work right, consider taking another item. If you can only pawn that one appliance, call ahead and ask if they would still take it in even with that function not working.
Be sure before you go!
Clean It Up
This is a little more than just emptying it. You’ve got to completely clean it.
The first step would be to wipe down both the inside and outside of the appliance. The goal isn’t just to wipe off dust or dirt, but to remove any marks if possible.
If you find that there is something stuck on your appliance, or if there’s a dark mark that you can remove – remove them. You want your appliance to look as good as possible when you arrive at the pawn shop with it.
Remember Everything!
Don’t forget things like lint traps and soup dispensers. You want your appliance to be 100% clean and ready to go.
The lint trap is a big one since most people forget about them. If you don’t clean it out, not only will the appliance look ‘dirty’ but it may indicate to the pawn broker that you haven’t maintained this appliance properly – which can reduce their offer.
You’re there to get the most money possible most of the time – so make sure that you pay attention!
Get All Of The Parts And Pieces
Don’t forget to bring anything that comes with the appliance. Any example of missing parts and pieces that people commonly forget (or have lost) are all of the nozzle attachments for vacuum cleaners.
You want to bring your appliance in as complete as possible. If you are missing part, the pawn broker will probably still take it in but the amount he offers you will likely be lower than it would have been had you had everything that went with your item.
Inspect Those Too!
Just because something is a ‘part’ that is not commonly used doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t inspect and clean that as well.
You want to give the pawn broker the impression that everything about our item is clean and well cared for. That comes down to the little parts as well.
I know it sounds like a pain, but these details can make a big difference!
Clean & Replace ‘Maintenance Parts”
There’s some appliances where you don’t have to worry about this, but with something like a vacuum cleaner again, you will want to replace the dust bag and possibly the belt on the bottom.
However, if you don’t have a new belt – don’t worry about it, it’s not a huge deal.
The Nerd’s Experience
When it comes to appliances, the biggest problem is normally that they aren’t cleaned properly.
We can get over it if it isn’t perfect. The big problem is when the appliance looks like it hasn’t been properly cared for or maintained. If we think it’s broken (or may break soon) than it’s a much risky loan or buy for us.
That’s no good. Pawn brokers want to minimize risk where possible. If something seems too risky, we will stay away from it, or go very cheap on it just because we don’t want to have to incur a loss or problem as a result of buying the item.
If you want to best possible price, you will take a few minutes and really clean your item up before you bring it. It really can make a huge difference!
That’s About It…
Thanks as always
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