How To Pawn A Tablet – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


So let’s talk about it fellow Pawnnerds. Do you want to get a little extra money but can’t find anything to pawn other than your tablet? No problem.
Pawning a tablet is actually one of the easier things to do because most pawn brokers love tablets.
They almost always sell well and people are always asking for them.
Of course, let’s be realistic for a moment as well. Tablets are like anything else that comes into a pawn shop. There are some better tablets out there, some desirable brand names and models and then there are some less desirable tablets on the market as well.
That having been said, a lot of the same basic rules applies for most tablets that will guide you down the right path towards making a successful loan against yours.
Most pawn shops will be happy to help you pawn your tablet and for a very reasonable amount.
Tips For Pawning A Tablet
The first thing that you need to recognize is that just like anything else, your tablet should be clean and as presentable as possible.
That means that you should do the obvious things like wiping it down, removing any stickers or finger prints, trying to remove any heavy marks, etc.
You want your tablet to look as new as possible when you are taking it into a pawn shop for a loan because the more presentable it is, the more safe a pawn broker will feel in making a loan against it because he or she will know that they shouldn’t have much difficulty selling it should you forfeit on the loan.
In addition to making it physically clean, you might consider doing a factor reset on the tablet as well. This is particularly true if you intend on selling it outright and don’t have any plans on making a loan against it to come back and get it at a later point in time.
The process is normally pretty easy.
On an iPad, it’s done right from the general settings menu. On an Android tablet you will normally just have to hold down the volume down key on the power button at the same time while turning it on to get to the reset menu.
Last but not least, make sure that you have all of the parts with you. That obviously means the USB cable and the wall socket, but if you have the box and manual then make sure that you take that with you as well.
These little things can mean a lot to a pawn broker, especially if they have never worked with you before or if you are going to be selling the tablet instead of just making a pawn loan against it.
Follow these tips and you should have a pretty easy time pawning your tablet with your local pawn broker.