How To Pawn A PS4 – ANSWERED!

Mandy Dormain


How do you pawn a PS4 at a pawn shop?
Here’s another question that I get that is very much like some others that we’ve answered here.
What people want to know is, how can you pawn a PlayStation 4 and get the most money as possible for it.
Now, some of this is going to seem pretty straightforward, basic common sense.
That having been said, not everyone realizes these things when they go to a pawn shop to get a loan on their PS4.
The first thing that you want to do is to clean up your PlayStation before you take it in the pawn shop.
While PlayStation’s typically don’t mark or scratch up as easily as an Xbox One, they can accumulate some marks over time.
If you put any kind of stickers or decals on your system, you will want to remove those before you take it into the pawn shop. Additionally, things like dust and animal hair can accumulate in the vents and fan of a PlayStation.
You’ll want to take a can of compressed air and blow out these crevices if possible. The idea here is to make your PlayStation look as new as possible.
Obviously, the pawn shop knows that they are dealing with a used PlayStation and won’t expect it to look perfect.
That having been said, they will expect it to look fairly new, and in good condition overall.
One thing you might consider selling or putting up for loan at a pawn shop is a PS4. If you do, you’ll likely want to know how to pawn a PS4 and what you should do to get the most money for it.
What Else Do You Need To Do When Taking A PlayStation Into A Pawn Shop
Beyond just cleaning the system up, you will also want to make sure that you have any accessories that originally came with the system. For instance, the most obvious of these things would be the power cord.
If a pawn shop can’t plug in your PlayStation, turn it on, and make sure that it works, they may not have much interest in working with you in terms of getting a loan.
Beyond that, make sure that you have any controllers that you might have for the system. Just like with the power cord, a pawn shop is going to want to make sure that the system works. They will need a controller to help them do that.
While were on the topic of controllers, the PlayStation controllers don’t use replaceable batteries like the Xbox One does.
Because of that, make sure that you have the cord that goes between the PlayStation controller and the system as this is something that most pawn shops will want.
Additionally, if you have an HDMI cable that you can take with you to the pawn shop, that will often be beneficial.
Lastly, make sure that you take a game with you. The reason for this is also so that a pawn shop can test the system.
Not all pawn shops are going to have PlayStation 4 games on hand and ready to use to test each system that comes in the door.
By having one with you, the pawn shop can easily be able to determine that your system works properly and reads discs just how it should.
Above and beyond that, you may find that you’re able to get a few extra dollars for your game should you decide to leave it there as well.






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