How To Flip Cell Phones On eBay: The Tutorial

Welcome friends! So you want to make some quick money flipping things on eBay? Cell phones are a great choice for that!

If you are already a student of my eBay Flipping Course eBay Domination, then you know exactly how to find cell phones to flip. (and for just $9 through THIS LINK, you really should be)

If you aren’t currently a student, then allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Brian and I’ve run pawn shops for the past 10 years. I’ve sold millions of dollars in inventory on eBay over those years, and a good amount of that was from cell phone sales.

And this is the part that surprises people…

Most of those cell phones were broken.

Yep, that’s right.

Broken screens, iCloud locked, PIN locked, BAD ESNs, home buttons didn’t work… it almost doesn’t matter what is currently wrong with a cell phone – if it is newer than people will want it, and mostly for parts probably, but they will still want it.

Flipping cell phones is easy. All you really need are a few rules.

  • Know the storage/model/carrier
  • Research what they sell for in that condition
  • Then buy it at the right price

So let’s break this down step by step for you…

Why The Storage, Model, and Carrier Matter

So there you are, all ready to start flipping phones. Maybe you’re not currently a student of my course, but that’s okay because you have the ambition and that’s what you really need to get started.

The most important element of flipping cell phones on eBay is knowing exactly what it is that you are flipping.

It doesn’t matter if the cell phone works perfectly or if it is broken in some way. People want to know these three things because it can make a huge difference in what the phone can be used for.

Example One: Camera Studio

Here’s an example: sometimes I use a cell phone to record video. I have an iPhone 6S because it records 4k video, and I specifically bought the 64GB model for storage. BUT, the ESN is blocked so it can never be used to make calls.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s just fine because the phone is really more of a camera and small production tool for me.

Now on the other hand, if this phone was only 16GB, there’s no way I would be using it.

So, keep that in mind when looking at cell phones to flip. Even if there is something wrong with it, there may be other uses for the phone that someone has in mind and the specs will matter.

Example Two: Parts Donor

Another example would be the parts vendors and repair shops. Sometimes they need replacement home buttons, switches, digitizers, bezels, back plates, etc.

Knowing which phone they are buying is equally important to them so that they know they are able to get their customer the right part. Yeah, the screen may be broken, but if they need a volume switch off of a Galaxy S5 Active, then it’s important to know that they are getting the right phone even if most other people would consider it junk.

It’s Also Important When You List It For Sale

So have the model, storage, and carrier all in front of you when you are looking to buy and phone so that you can properly research it on eBay to make sure that you are paying the right price (and not too much) for it.

Additionally, when you list the phone for sale, obviously these three points NEED to be in the title.

Researching The Phones On eBay

So the next big step is to research the same model, storage, and carrier of cell phones on eBay before you buy one to flip.

The reason is that it can be easy to overpay on these.

So if the phone you are looking at has a bad ESN, a cracked screen, and only 16GB of memory – only compare models that have all of the same problems/features.

It doesn’t make any sense to buy a broken phone based on the resale value of one that works perfectly. If you end up paying for a broken cell phone based on your projected resale on a perfectly working phone, you will lose money every time, so please please please be sure to pay attention to that.

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