How Much Would A Pawn Shop Give You For A Titanium Ring? in 2017

Mandy Dormain


As a pawnbroker, you see a lot of jewelry. Some of it is unique, some of it is mass produced. Some of it really means a lot to a lot of people and then some of it is so common or even ugly that you can literally find it on every street corner if you wanted to.
The jewelry pawn shops see is normally made of a few different metals.
The most common metals that are used is Gold, Silver and Titanium.
Of those three, Gold is the most valuable. There’s a lot of money in the gold industry.
That why you see all of these ‘Gold Buyers’ all of a sudden.
The second most valuable is Silver. It’s pretty cheap with most ring only being worth $.50 – $5 – and not all pawn shops deal with it.
The third is Titanium. Very pawn pawn shops will pay for Titanium jewelry.
Why Won’t Pawns Shops Pay For Titanium Jewelry?
The real answer is that you just need to have A LOT of it for it to add up to much in terms of it’s value. That and they are cheap when they are brand new.
There’s supplies in China and other countries that will make a funny done, polish piece for less that $5 a ring – and that’s brand new!
So to pay you for a used ring that’s made out of titanium just ins’t going to be a really profitable thing for the pawn shop to do.
They won’t be able to resell it to the public very easily at all.
They can’t melt it out for significant money without having 50-100 pounds worth of them.
It’s just a losing bet for the pawn shop most of the time.
The Nerd’s Experience
I hate telling people ‘No’ when they are in my pawn shop, for any reason. It just bothers me. The only exception is if they make a really low offer to purchase something – then I don’t have a choice.
When someone comes in with a Titanium ring to pawn, I just get a sinking feeling. You know they wouldn’t be in the pawn shop looking for a loan unless they really needed the money. However, the ring is literally not worth enough to make a loan on.
If you have taken your titanium ring into a pawn shop and were told no – trust me – it didn’t make the pawnbroker feel very good to have to reject your item.
That Having Been Said
There actually are some pawn shops that have a customer base for that kind of item and will pay for titanium rings. However, it probably won’t be very much – under $5 most of the time.
So, if you do find a pawn shop that takes in titanium jewelry – figure on getting $5 or less for a ring.






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