How Much Will A Pawn Shop Give Me For A PS4 in 2017

Brian McCracken


There comes a time when you might need to come up with some quick cash and one of the easiest ways that you can go about doing that is by selling (or pawning) something that you have to get there. A popular item these days is the Playstation 4.
The fact of the matter is that pawn shops love taking these in right now.
If the pawn shop buys the PS4 outright, they never have a problem selling them and are normally asked for them regularly.
Because they are so easy for pawn shops to sell, they are equally happy to make you a loan against your PS4 and for very good money at that.
You’ve got to remember that the pawnbroker in your area is like any other business and they operate as a retail store in a sense. As such, the easier something is to sell, the more likely they are to take that type of item in and the more that they are willing to pay for it or loan against it.
How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For PS4’s
You will almost always get more for your PS4 when it is in good condition and comes with the original packaging.
Now, you’ve got to keep something in mind when it comes to selling your PS4 to your local pawn shop.
First of all, like anything else, the better condition it is in or the more complete it is, the more money that you will likely be able to get for it.
Because of that, make sure that your controllers are charged (so that they can be demonstrated as working) and that you have all of the various cables required to hook the system up – and that includes the HDMI cable!
If you have the box or other original packaging then you are likely to get even more for your PS4 than if you didn’t have these things.
So with that in mind, what your local pawn shop will likely do is check to see how much PS4’s in similar condition to yours are currently selling for on sites like eBay and Amazon.
The reason that is important to them is because they know exactly what they will be able to sell the system for once they have bought it and can therefore base the price that they can afford to pay you off of that figure.
So with that in mind, you can expect to get roughly 50-75% of what the current used values of PS4’s are on those sites.
Now, of course, if you have extra games, particularly anything new or highly desirable then you will obviously get a little more – and potentially a lot more depending on the games in question of course.
Like all other things – make sure that your games are also in good shape and complete if possible, meaning that you should include the case if you still have them.
If you take your PS4 into the local pawn shop in very good condition, with the controllers all charged up and including the original packaging there is a very good chance that you are going get a good amount of money out of your system.
And if you are thinking about going someplace like Gamestop or FYE then you should probably think again because a pawn shop will almost always pay you more for your PS4 than any of those specialty electronics retailers.