How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Wii Systems

Brian McCracken


If you are curious to know how much a pawn shop will give you for a Nintendo Wii, then this is a post that you absolutely must read!

Of all of the various questions that I will get asked at the pawn shops I visit, one of them is always about video game systems.

Video game systems have become enormously popular and almost every household has one (at least one!) these days.

They’ve been out there for about 50 years at this point, but in the past 20 years, they’ve become a part of almost all of our daily lives.

That having been said, one of the most popular systems of all times was the Nintendo Wii.

Because of that, I’m not incredibly surprised when I get asked a question like “How much do pawn shops pay for Wii systems?”

It’s a fair question to be honest, because there is a lot of different business out there that will buy items like this.

As a customer, you always want to try to get the best price, even when you are just selling something as opposed to buying it.

So let’s talk about it for a moment, shall we?

How Much Will A Pawn Shop Pay For A Wii?

A lot of people ask about much pawn shops pay for Nintendo Wii’s and the answer will depending on a lot of factors. The most important of those though is that the system is as complete as possible and as clean as can be. The system in this picture is an excellent example of a Nintendo Wii that would get top dollar from a pawn shop if someone brought it in just like this.

How Pawn Shops Evaluate Your Nintendo Wii

When pawn shops have someone bring a Nintendo Wii into their store, they are looking at a few different factors about the system that will help them determine how much they should pay for it.

First and foremost will almost always be to determine what they are able to sell a Nintendo Wii for to begin with.

While some pawn shops have a huge following with local gamers, and can therefore command higher prices for systems in general, most pawn shops will be forced to rely on sites like eBay and Amazon to give them a baseline from what they can make an offer.

That having been said, at the time that I’m writing this (early 2016), Nintendo Wii’s sell for between $30 and $60 on eBay.

Keeping this in mind, most pawn shops will offer you between $15 and $40 for yours, depending on a variety of factors.

What Will Help You Get The Most Possible For A Nintendo Wii At A Pawn Shop

There are some really simple rules that you should follow when you take a Nintendo Wii into a pawn shop and are trying to get the most amount of money possible for it.

Make Sure You Have All Of The Parts

I can’t tell you how important this is when it comes to a system that uses motion tracking like the Nintendo Wii does.

If you are missing any parts what-so-ever, it will significantly impact the offer that the pawn shop makes you for your system.

Things that are critical when it comes to the Nintendo Wii are:

  1. The System Itself Obviously
  2. 2 Controllers As Most Wii Games Are Two Player
  3. The Motion Sensor (or eye.) It’s a thin black bar.
  4. All of the cables that went to the system.
  5. At least one game so that the pawn shop can verify that it works.
  6. Batteries in at least one of the controllers so they can see those work as well.

If you are missing any of these, it can very negatively impact the offer that you are made for your system.

Make Sure Everything Is Clean

I can’t tell you how common it is to see animal hair and fuzz in the vents and sometimes even disc slot of Nintendo Wii’s.

Pawn shops hate seeing that. It looks ugly, sometimes smells awful and one top of it, it makes the system very hard to sell. They will really have to clean it just to get it ready for another customer and that will affect their offer depending on how bad it is.

So with that in mind, do yourself a favor and clean you Wii up before you take it in.

  • Remove fuzz and animal hair from the various slots and vents of the system.
  • Remove dirt and dark marks from the controllers. If you have the plastic cover on them, those can be hard to clean, so sometimes it’s better to just remove those and clean the controller itself.
  • Clean the sensor bar with windex. No need to go crazy here.
  • Wipe the cords downs to remove any spots or dirt on those as well.

Bring As Many Accessories As You Have

The last tip is to be sure that you bring as many accessories as you have for the Wii.

They don’t make these systems anymore, so bring all of your games, and anything else you have for it as it can be seen as an added value and may increase the offer that you are given from a pawn shop for your system.

TIP: If you have the original box and it is in good condition, that can actually be very valuable to a pawn shop in some cases!

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