How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Video Games

Brian McCracken


When it comes to working with your local pawn broker you may not always know what to expect. That is certainly the case when it comes to pawning or selling something like video games and video game systems. Fortunately, there is some good news here.
You see, pawn shops buy and sell all sorts of different kinds of merchandise, not just electronics or video games.
They deal with almost everything from tools, to jewelry to yes, in some cases, video games.
But because of the diversity of their business and the wide range of merchandise that they buy and sell, they are forced to try to grind out a profit on any one type of item.
That’s a huge advantage for you in the long run if you are looking to get the most money for your video games.
The reason that this is so important is because pawn shops don’t need to pay their lease, pay for their advertising, pay the employees and everything else based on making every last dollar they can out of a video game.
Instead they can melt gold, or sell some tools to get there. In the end, that means that they will be able to afford to pay you more for your video games – making the pawn shop and ideal place to take you game collection should you have some games that you would like to trade in for cash.
Pawn Shops will often pay you more for your video games than other game buyers.
How Do They Pay?
Well, what a lot of pawn shops that I know of will do is they will research what other major game buyers in the area are paying for the same game and then go ahead and offer you a little more for it.
They do this because they know that if a place like GameStop is paying a certain amount for a game, they want to try to earn you as a long term customer and will go ahead and get you to sell your games to them by giving you the best price possible.
In most cases, you are going to get cash the same day so there’s no waiting period like if you had tried to sell you game(s) on eBay or Amazon.
In that regard they are just as good as a place like GameStop, except of course that they are going to offer you a lot more money for your collection of games than they will.
What You Should Know
Like all things in the pawn business, it’s in your best interest to make sure that you games are clean and free from any major scratches or defects.
if the games are scratched up badly or damaged in any way, the pawn shop will likely not take them in.
In addition, if you have anything like the case or the insert that came with the game, that may definitely help you get even more money out of your games than if you just brought in the discs themselves.
The bottom line is that anything that will help the pawn shop resell the game more quickly and easily will often work in your favor.