How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For PSP Games – ANSWERED

Brian McCracken


Video games are a huge industry and when it comes to selling your PSP games for the best price, you do have some options available to you. However, the best option for the most money and as quickly as possible is almost always going to be your local pawn shop.
You see, pawn shops deal with a lot of different types of merchandise. Everything from tools to musical instruments, electronics and yes, even video games.
Now, you might ask yourself, what’s the difference between selling your PSP games to a pawn shop versus a place like a GameStop or another large electronics buyer.
Well, the difference is that pawn shops don’t make their livings and businesses off of video games. Video games are just a part of their overall business and therefore they don’t need to make every last penny out of paying you as little as possible for your game.
Because pawn shops also make money from loans or other services, they can afford to pay more for your PSP games and they are often times going to be very happy to do just that because they really want your business.
At a place like a Gamestop, you are just a number, one of dozens of people that will walk in that day to sell some games. But to pawn shops you’re an awesome customer bringing them highly desirable merchandise that they will love to have and sell.
That really puts you in control and means that you are going to get the most money possible out of your PSP games and it’s the number one reason that you should go to a pawn shop first when thinking about selling your games.
Better yet, if you don’t want to sell them, you also often times have the option of just making a loan against them so that you can get them back at a later point in time. That’s a service that basically no other business really offers and it’s truly another thing that sets pawn shops above the rest when it comes to trying to get money out of your used video games.
Like all things with video games, the more desirable the PSP game is, the more that the pawn shop will pay you for it.
How Much Do They Pay
Well, what most pawn shops do is that they research what other major retailers are paying for the same games in similar condition and then they will offer you a little more than they would.
Why? Well like we said, they want your business. You’re not just a number to them – you’re an important part of their operation and they hope that you will come back in the future to keep selling them games down the road.
That’s how pawn shops work. They build relationships with great people such as yourself and are almost always going to be happy to pay top dollar for your PSP games as long as they are in good condition and there is a market for them.
Now that having been said, there are of course some games that are less desirable and you just have to understand that not every game has a huge following or market for it.
Because of that, some PSP games don’t fetch really great prices, but that’s just the nature of the video game industry where they make thousands of games for every few dozen “Big Hits.”
The Nerd’s Opinion
Really, if you are thinking about selling your PSP games or any other games for that matter than you’ve got to check out your local pawn shop.
They really will offer you the most money for it most of the time and are going to be very fair about working with you to help get you what you need.
In addition, they are almost always going to be really happy to see you which is a fresh change of pace from those other game buying outlets that are often annoyed that you’re even in their stores.