How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Beats – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


When it comes to audio equipment, there are a lot of potential options out there for pawn brokers to work with but most often they will be happy to work with you on a set of Beats by Dre.
Of course, the next major question that most people as is to know how much they can get on a loan or to sell a pair of Beats to a pawn shop and unfortunately that answer isn’t so simple.
You see, Beats by Dre started off as just one line of headphones but since then they have produced a variety of headphones over the years, each commanding a different amount of money for a loan or when selling.
On top of it you have other obvious factors such as their condition and something that is really particular in this case – if you still have the original packaging material.
I know that might sound like an odd thing to be picky about but when you are talking about Beats by Dre one of the big factors in these headphones is the entire unboxing experience.
The manufacturers really put a lot of effort into making the unboxing experience for Beats a premium experience and because of that a lot of second hand owners do really want the original packaging supplies if available.
Of course, when the buyers of these items want something that means the sellers will want them too which is why pawn shops in particular are so specific about trying to get the box and original packaging materials when they take in a set of Beats either on a sale or a loan.
Of course, that’s not to say that a pawn shop won’t take in your Beats without these things. Obviously more often than not they will. However you will get a premium price if you have these materials as they make the headphones easier to sell should you default on the loan and that alone makes it a more valuable item to the pawnbroker in question.
Pawn shops will typically pay well for beats but they will pay even better if you have the original box for them.
Beats Prices
Now that you know the factors involved, let’s talk about the actual prices.
When it comes to pricing Beats in a pawn shop they are going to be looked at virtually like every other item. That is to say that the pawn shop will want to make sure that they have all of the parts, work properly and are in good condition.
Once the pawn shop has determined that all of these criteria are met, the next thing that they will want to do is look up the current used market value for your specific set of Beats on a site such as eBay or Amazon.
most of the time however, when it comes to Beats, the pawn shop is going to go off the of the selling price on eBay as it represents a real live marketplace where these headphones are sold all of the time.
In addition, they will be able to find similar listing for headphones that nearly match yours in terms of model, condition and completeness which will give them a solid idea of what they can reasonably offer.
Once they have that figure you can expect to be offer between 40-60% of that price, give or take depending on the model, desirability and possible local demand for these headphones.
If the pawn shop has a lot of local demand for Beats as some pawn shops do, you can expect to get closer to the 60% mark. If however they don’t have a lot of local demand for these headphones, then 40-50% is the much more likely figure that you will be offered.