How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Air Conditioners – SOLVED

Brian McCracken


So you want to know if pawn shops buy air conditioners? No, that wasn’t the question – the question was how much do pawn shops pay for air conditioners…
Well, the answer to that question isn’t going to be as easy as you might hope for to be completely honest.
The first problem that we’ve got to realize upfront is that not all pawn shops buy air conditioners to begin with.
On top of that, those that do may offer widely varying prices for them based on some specific factors about your specific air conditioner, it’s condition, age, output capacity and most importantly – it’s smell.
It’s smell? Yes. Air conditioners will pick up the odors of the homes that they are in and if you home has a certain scent that is not appealing to the pawn broker or that he thinks may make the air conditioner hard to resell, that is going to seriously impact the value that he offers you for your air conditioner.
Does that sound a little weird? It shouldn’t to be honest. After all, do you want some smelly thing blowing a strange and offensive odor through your house? Better yet – have you ever had a dead mouse stuck someplace in your house? It smells awful and you will do whatever you have to do to get that sucker out of there.
By the same token, a pawn shop knows that they will have trouble selling an air conditioner that also has a semi-offensive odor. But that’s just one of the many things that can affect the price that a pawn shop offers you for your air condition so lets look at the rest!
There are plenty of pawn shops that do buy air conditioners and will pay you a fair price for yours depending on it’s age, condition and output.
Air Conditioner Value Points
So now that we’ve covered the all important “Sniff Test” factor involved with air conditioners, let’s look at the other important points.
Age – The older your air conditioner is, the less likely a pawn shop is to pay you highly for it. Air conditioners are like many other home electronics in some ways because they will all pretty much break down or fail at some point.
In the case of an air conditioner, if it is more than about 5 years old you can expect to have your potential offer greatly reduced.
Condition – If you air condition is really beat up, nicked up, dinged up or bent anywhere then you can also expect this to massively affect the amount of money that a pawn shop offers you for it.
Like pretty much everything in a pawn shop, pawn brokers appreciate and will pay more for items that are in good condition because they will often be easier to resell. If your air conditioner looks like it’s been through a war, it’s going to be a tough sell for you to get a whole lot out of it.
Output Capacity – Air conditioners are rated in on a scale known as “BTU” which in simple terms basically signifies just how much cooling capacity they have or how big of a space or room they can cool.
They can range anywhere from 2,000 BTU’s – 20,000 BTU’s or more in some cases. Depending on what the output of your air conditioner is, your value would be affected greatly by that.
So What’s The Bottom Line
So the bottom line when it comes to how much a pawn shop will pay you for your air conditioner is going to be someplace between $20 and $100 dollars depending on all of the things that we’ve talked about above.
The more of these factors that are in your favor, the higher your potential offer will be. Then again, the if your air conditioner is older, smells funny and is marked up pretty heavily, you might not be looking at too much.
The nice thing about pawning air conditioners is that you don’t really need them in the winter anyways which makes them something ideal for you to use to get a little extra cash during the holidays for instance.
In addition, they are typically fairly easy to transport. Sure they can be heavy, but they are big boxes or squares meaning that they are typically easy to through into just about any car trunk and take with you.