How Much Can You Pawn A TV For

Brian McCracken


TVs are one of those things that a lot of people will typically want to pawn. They are popular items to have in your home and normally you will have more than one of them. On top of that, they are something that almost everyone wants to have in their home – and a nice one at that – so you could say there is a lot of demand for them. With that in mind, there are some things that you need to know about pawning a TV.

Not All Pawn Shops Accept TVs

First, you should know that not all pawn shops will take TVs in. There are a couple of good reasons for that, ranging from just wanting to avoid electronics all the way to having a bad history with stolen TVs coming through the door for pawn.

Factors That Affect The Value Of Your TV

Assuming your local pawn shop will accept a TV for a loan, there are a lot of various factors that go into deciding how much they will loan you for one – and they are the usual suspects. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, then you know how important things like brand names, condition and completeness are. TVs are no exception.

Pawn shops will typically look at some very important facts before deciding how much to pay you for your TV. Some of the things they look at are:

  • How old is it?
  • What brand name is it?
  • What technology is it? (LCD, LED, Plasma)
  • How big is it?
  • How complete is it? (original remote, paperwork, etc.)
  • What kind of condition is it in? (scratches, dings, dents, etc.)

Once they have gone over some basic details for your television, they will then follow their own in-house rules for determining its value. Those rules will typically be based on things like:

  • How many of a similar style TV do they have?
  • How much can they sell it for?
  • Will it be difficult to store or take up a lot of space?

Estimated Prices For Different Sizes Of TVs

Typically speaking, if it’s a newer TV (less than 2 years old) and a flat screen, you can reasonably expect to get the following prices based on size and condition.

Less Than 26 Inches

Depending on the TV’s condition and completeness, you can expect to get between $20-$50 for it. If it’s missing parts or has obvious physical defects, you can expect less.

Between 26 and 42 Inches

If your television is between 26 and 42 inches, in good condition and is complete, then you can expect to get between $75 and $200 for it.

Larger Than 42 Inches

Televisions larger than 42 inches are a special exception and should be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Typically speaking, you will be looking at $150 and up for a good brand name TV that is complete and in good condition.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your TV

When you are talking about making a loan against your TV, there are some common problems that people run into.

  • First – they almost always forget the remote or the little pedestal stand that the TV sits on. It’s really important to bring both of these items with you, although some pawn shops will still accept TVs missing either one or the other of these.
  • Second – wipe the TV down real quick before you take it in. Removing fingerprints and other marks from the television before the pawnbroker looks at it can help make sure that you get the most out of it possible.
  • Third – make sure all of the various ports and inputs work. It’s not uncommon for one of the plugs to stop working on TVs and while this may not be a big deal if you never use it, a pawn shop may not take the TV in if everything doesn’t work properly. So take a few minutes and check the TV out to make sure that everything is in good working order so that you don’t waste a trip by taking it down only to find out that they won’t accept it.