How Late Do Pawn Shops Stay Open – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


How Late Can Pawn Shops Stay Open?
I just answered a question that was very similar to this in another post. That having been said, I feel that this question deserves its own answer as well.
The question was this: How late do pawn shops stay open?
Unfortunately, the answer to that is not as easy to answer as you might imagine.
Because pawn shops are not big-box stores were each of them follow the same set of rules, there’s going to be a variety of hours that pawn shops are going to open and close. Those times are going to be determined by the individual pawnbrokers that run the stores.
For instance, one pawnbroker may think that it’s a great idea to close their store at 3 PM. On the other hand, there may be another pawn broker the thinks that staying open until 9 PM is the right thing to do.
That having been said, there is somewhat of an industry standard across the nation that you can usually bet on.
Most pawn shops are typically only open until 5 or 6 PM, Monday through Friday, and occasionally Saturday as well. Although it is not entirely uncommon for pawn shops to close a little bit earlier on Saturdays.
This is just a trend I’ve noticed across the nation. While it does not apply to all pawn shops, it is safe to assume that these will be the hours that most pawn shops will stay open till.
There are going to be some exceptions to that.
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a loan, but it’s getting late in the day, you might find yourself wondering how late pawn shops stay open. Pawn shop hours vary from store to store, but there’s still a chance that one of your local pawn shops stays open late.
What Are Some Exceptions To This
In areas that are very busy at night, or more commonly urban areas, pawn shops might typically stay open later as there will be more foot traffic on the street, and possibly a greater need for money during those later hours.
That having been said, in more rural areas, or areas where there is less foot traffic, that is where you will find pawn shops that close earlier.
Ultimately however, you are just going to have to get to know the pawn shops in your area to determine exactly when they close.
There’s a really easy way to find all the pawn shops in your area to do this.
How To Find Out When All The Pawn Shops In Your Area Close
The easiest way to find out this information is simply to go to and search the phrase local pawnbrokers, or pawn shops in my area.
Google will return a list of results for pawn shops in your area, as well as their phone numbers. You should go through this list one by one and call each of the pawn shops in your area and ask them what their hours of operation are.
You will then have a great idea of where you can go when you need a loan during the later hours of the evening.
Why Do Pawn Shops Close Early
Pawn shops typically will follow what are known as bankers hours. That’s to say the pawn shops are going to be open similar hours to the banks in your area.
You have to understand that the pawn industry is often considered a financial services industry. As such they follow traditional rules governing those businesses.
The other consideration is of course that pawn shops are going to be more prone to robbery when the sun goes down.
To avoid this, pawn shops just close before that is more likely to occur.
The Nerds Opinion
What you have to keep in mind about pawn shops is that they are usually owned by small business owners that have families and friends just like everyone else.
Because of that, they may not want to stay in their pawn shop all day long. It is perfectly reasonable for them to want to go home to have dinners with her family.
Additionally, they don’t necessarily want their employees to be there all night either. Pawnbrokers are generally some of the most concerned, and generous employers that you will find. Because of that, they want to treat their employees fairly and let them go home at a reasonable hour.
I understand that might seem odd, but you have to understand that this is a business that revolves around loans. Usually, there just isn’t that great of demand to get a loan when institutions that accept bill payments may not be open.