How Do Pawn Shops Test Diamonds – ANSWERED!

Mandy Dormain


Pawn shops deal with a lot of different things. Tools, electronics, video games, movies, bikes, hunting equipment and of course, diamonds and jewelry. But how do they know if the diamonds are real?
Well like most things, pawn brokers can tell if a diamond is real just by looking at it normally.
Yes, it really is that easy in most cases. After all, pawn shop see diamonds often enough that they really get a good idea of what they are looking at and when you look at something 50 times a day, it’s pretty easy to see when something just isn’t right.
For instance one of the things that real diamonds have their fake diamonds do not or flaws such as carbon and inclusions.
Sure there are some real diamonds that are completely perfect. Those are often very valuable. However because of how much they can cost they are not all that common.
Above and beyond that real diamonds are often not perfectly clear or perfectly white color. A fake diamond on the other hand will oftentimes be perfectly clear perfectly white. This can often be a telltale sign for a pawn shop when looking at a diamond to determine if the stone is actually real.
Pawn shops will often use just experience to determine if a diamond is real, but sometimes they will use what is known as a diamond tester.
How Else Do They Tell If A Diamond Is Real
Of course sometimes everyone needs a little help. Pawnshops are no exception.
Because of that there are actually tools there often referred to as diamond testers that some pawnbrokers will use to help determine if the diamond is real.
Their appearance can often vary but most of the time they look like small pens with a small metal tip that can be hot.
A pawn shop employee will test the diamond by touching the tip of the diamond tester to the stone. The diamond tester will then often times make an audible sound indicating that the stone is real or illuminating a green light to indicate the stone is real.
just the same when a stone is fake often times there will be a different tone made by the diamond tester or a red light is illuminated on the tester itself.
Some of the better diamond testers can test for what are known as the moissanite stones.
Moissanite is a man-made diamond they can fool many diamond testers. It has the exact same chemical composition is a real-time but because it is man-made there are some differences with better diamond testers can use to tell if it is an actual legitimate diamond or not.






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