Don't Cash That Voided Check At A Check Cashing Store

Brian McCracken


So there it is, sitting right in front of you. A voided check. You know it’s bad, but you need the money. Can you take it to a check cashing store?
Well, yes, of course you could take it to a check casher.
However, when they go to verify the check they will likely find out that it is a bad check and may ban you from doing any further business in their location(s).
But if they don’t discover that the check has been voided and then go through and cash it, you could be in serious trouble down the road.
You see, what you would basically be doing is committing fraud. You know the check is no good but you are trying to get money out of it anyways.
That’s illegal and you could face serious charges and penalties when the check casher discovers the check was bad all along.
But how would they you might ask? Well that’s simple.
You see, the check cashier might process the check but when they go to deposit it themselves, their back will flag it as having been voided. That’s where your problems will begin.
It’s a horrible idea to cash a voided check at a check cashier. Don’t do it!
The first thing that will probably happen is that the check casher will get ahold of you. They will want their money back and it would definitely be in your best interest to make sure that you repay them.
If you fail to repay them then they will probably have the option to file civil and/or criminal charges on your depending on the State you are in.
That’s definitely a no win scenario for you. In fact, it’s about the worst thing that you could imagine and all that much more reason to not try to commit this scam or fraud to begin with.
Once you are in “The System” as having committed check fraud, that can follow you around for a long time.
It can affect your ability to open a bank account or get a job in the future and that’s definitely not what you want to have happen.
The Bottom Line
Don’t take a voided check to a check casher. It’s a bad idea and in the long run it will catch up with you if it’s not caught immediately by the check casher themselves.
If you are thinking about doing this then please take my advice and don’t! The repercussions could be very serious and you may never be able to get out from underneath their shadow.