Do Pawnshop Employees Carry Guns – Answer Within!

Brian McCracken


If you are thinking about robbing a pawn shop, be warned, a lot of pawn shop employees carry guns with them!
Every now and then I get asked a question that makes even me feel a bit uncomfortable to answer. This just happens to be one of those questions.
But we are here and I decided that maybe it was worth a moment to answer it as best as possible.
The fact of the matter is this – plan on every pawn shop employee being armed. Just plan on it.
That’s not to say that all of them are. The fact of the matter is that many of them aren’t – but you are never going to know which one of them is and what they are armed with.
After all, let’s just be realistic about two things for a moment.
First of all, pawn shops might be an attractive place for someone to try to commit a strong-armed robbery at. They have cash and jewelry, so they are a natural target.
Now if you work someplace that is prone to that kind of activity, wouldn’t you be armed?
Secondly, it’s not like pawn shop employees are going to carry guns in hostlers on the outside of their clothes like cops do on the outside of their uniforms.
No, pawn shop employees are going to want the element of surprise if someone decides to have a brain fart and try to rob a pawn shop. (TIP: It’s a bad idea.)
If you want to know if a pawn shop employee is armed or is carrying a gun, the best answer that I have for you is that you better count on it. While not all pawn shop employees carry guns, there are going to be a high number that do which is why trying to rob a pawn shop is such a horrible idea.
Is It Legal For Pawn Shop Employees To Carry Firearms
This is a really tough question to answer as well but it is directly related to the primary question at hand. The fact of the matter is that depending on how the employee is carrying the firearm (concealed or not, etc) it will completely depend on that state laws in the area in which you live.
Some states permit concealed carry, often through licensing known as a CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon) permit. Other states don’t offer such a permit, while there are still some states that don’t require any kind of permit at all to carry concealed.
But even if it is technically illegal for a pawn shop employee to carry a firearm on them at work, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing it.
The fact is that you’ve got to keep in mind pawn shop employees know that they are a target for criminals and many of them will do whatever they have to do to make sure they go home safely at night.
What that means is that even if it is illegal for them to be carrying a firearm at work, there’s a very good chance that they are going to do it anyways.
Are You Serious, Do They Really Carry Guns
Look, I’m not kidding you. This isn’t a joke at all. Take a look at some video:
How about another?
Hopefully you are getting the point here… there is a good chance that the pawn shop you are planning to visit will have someone, if not multiple people in the store armed at all times.
So Why Do People Try To Rob Pawn Shops
The short answer here is that people are sometimes just stupid.
Seriously, criminals get desperate and don’t really think these things through. The next thing you know, they are getting shot at by the pawn shop employees, sometimes even killed in the process.
The bottom line here is don’t try to rob a pawn shop if you value your life!