Do Pawn Shops Take The LG G9 for Pawn or Just To Buy?

The LG G9 was a hugely popular smart phone when it was released, but is that still the case?

When it comes to pawn shops, how do they feel about the LG G9? Let’s find out if they love it just as much as everyone else does.

How 'Pawnable' Is This Item

What Value Does This Item Have

Cell phones have a storied history with pawn shops. Typically speaking, if the pawn shops activates cell phones under carriers such as Metro PCS or Boost, then there is a good chance that they will also take smart phones in on loan or offer to buy them outright.

Additionally, there are some pawn shops that don’t offer these cell phone services that will also deal with them. But overall, there’s a large number of pawn shops that don’t deal with cell phones at all.

More often than not, cell phones have two things happen to them when they are put in on loan at a pawn shop.

They either come up as stolen, OR they have their ESN blocked because the customer stops paying their bill and the carrier blacklists the phone.

Because of that, the LG G9 only receives a “Fair” rating for pawnability. When pawn shops do take them in, they can’t often pay you a full “Used” value for the phone, so they often pay what is determined to be the value as if the phone was blacklisted, which is the reason they only receive a “Poor” rating for value.

What To Bring With You:

When you take your LG G9 into a pawn shop, you will want to be sure you have two things with you.

The wall charger and the cord that LG includes in the box with the G9 is often higher quality than the aftermarket replacements that you find on Amazon and eBay so they carry additional value. In addition, it’s always nice to have the matching accessories with your phone and presents it in a better light when the pawnbroker is evaluating what they can give you for yours.


Percentage Of Pawn Shops That Accept This Item 40%
Percentage Of Pawn Shops That Consider This Item Desirable 20%
Average Redemption Rate For This Type Of Item 50%
Percentage of Households That Have This Type Of Item 10%
Percentage Of Times This Type Of Item Is Pawned vs Being Sold 50%

It should come as no surprise at this point that on average, roughly 40% of pawn shops will take the LG G9 in for loan or offer to buy outright. Of those pawn shops roughly 20% consider the G9 to be truly desirable when compared to other types of merchandise, such as luxury watches or gold jewelry.

The average redemption ratio for the G9 sits at roughly 50%, with less than 10% of households having the G9 that they can make a loan on. People pawn the G9 versus selling it 50% of the time, or right down the middle.

What Are Some Advantages To Pawning This Type Of Item

  • If you find a pawn shop that will take in you G9, it still brings a decent amount of money. It should be enough to help you cover most small bills.

What Are Some Drawbacks To Pawning This Type Of Item

  • It may be tougher to find a pawn shop that deal with cell phones depending on where you live.
  • If your phone is at all damaged in any way, the value you are offered will fall dramatically.

Pawning or Selling Your LG G9 to a Pawn Shop

One thing that we just barely touched on towards the end of this was the condition of your phone.

If your G9 has any kind of crack(s) or significant scratches, the value that you get out of it at a pawn shop is going to go way down. They just aren’t that desirable once you take the cost of repair into account.

Unlike Apple iPhones, the G9 doesn’t enjoy the same benefits of standardized repair costs with repair facilities normally close by in any major urban center.

If you are considering selling your G9 but aren’t happy with the value that a pawn shop offers you for yours, I’d suggest checking out Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace as alternatives.