Do Pawn Shops Take Furniture – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


So here’s one of those questions that you might think is a little weird and so do I but I get it asked to me on occasion so let’s just go ahead and take a moment to get it answered as best as possible.
Do pawn shops take furniture? Well that is an interesting question.
The answer unfortunately isn’t just something that I can give you in a one-size-fits-all type style as it’s going to depend on what the pawn shop really does and how much space it is that they have to work with to store big items like that.
You see, when you make a loan on something a pawn shop still has to store it while they are waiting for you to come back for it. Because of that something as large as furniture can be a dicey loan for most places.
It’s not that there is anything wrong with the furniture to be honest. There is a lot of really nice furniture out there that many pawn shops would be more than happy to work with you on for a loan or an outright sale.
The problem is that while the pawn shop is waiting for you to come back and get it, they’ve got to keep it someplace protected, where it will be safe for the entire time that they are holding onto it.
With something smaller like a digital camera or a gold necklace, this isn’t really a problem of course.
However when we are talking about a full sized sectional couch, the picture changes significantly. The fact is that furniture like couches just take up a lot of space and can be hard to store for the long term.
Now, with that in mind, there are a lot of pawn shops out there that will deal with furniture and are more than happy to help you make a loan against something you have.
There are some pawn shops that will buy furniture or offer to make you a loan against it assuming that you can get it there!
How To They Pay For Furniture
This is really the interesting part of this question because furniture is completely different than most of the items that pawn shops will typically deal with.
See, when you have something like gold jewelry it’s pretty easy to figure out what you can loan on it because it’s mostly based off the weight of the metal and the size and quality of the diamonds.
Other things like consumer electronics are pretty easy to establish a good used value for because of sites like eBay or Amazon where a pawn shop can just go online and see how much that item sold for in similar used condition and completeness to what you brought in to them.
But how the heck would a pawn shop easily figure out the worth of a use piece of furniture? It’s not like there’s a whole lot of it sold on sites like eBay or Amazon.
So what’s the solution for a pawn shop…
Well, this is one of those times that a pawn shops is going to use two factors and two factors only – Experience and Demand.
If a pawn shop has a lot of demand for lets say leather furniture then they are probably going to be willing to pay you a lot more for your leather couch, assuming it’s real leather and not fake leather of course.
Now the other thing that they are going to depend a lot of is experience. That is the experience of the individual pawn broker with making loans on or selling that specific type of furniture.
In other words, pricing is going to be largely dependent on opinion. Now that might sound scary at first but you’ve got to realize that this is exactly what pawn shops depended on before there were sites like eBay or Amazon out there that could help them established the value of used or second hand merchandise.
Is Furniture A Good Thing To Pawn
Boy, now isn’t that just a loaded question. Is furniture a good thing to pawn?
Well the truth of the matter is that it’s probably not the best thing that you could use as collateral for a pawn loan.
The reasons on varied but for instance – let’s just take the fact that it’s hard to move around and transport.
You’ve got to be worried about loading it up and actually getting it to the pawn shop to begin with. Then once it’s there and you are ready to pick it up, you have the exact same problem. Loading it up and getting it home – and then having someone at home to help you unload it and put it back in your house.
It’s just cumbersome and hard to work with overall. Plus there’s always the chance that you could damage it while moving it which is a serious concern with a big item like furniture.
The Bottom Line
Some pawn shop will take in furniture for a loan but not all. It’s best to lookup local pawn shop on and give them a call one-by-one to see who will take in furniture and who won’t.
In addition, furniture isn’t really the best thing to pawn because of it’s size, weight and difficult in handling and storage.
If you have something else that you can pawn and you need some quick cash, I would definitely look for something that’s more reasonable to move and in addition, is easier to establish a used value for.