Do Pawn Shops Take CDs?

Brian McCracken


CD’s are an interesting item these days. It might shock you to learn but some high school students have never even seen a CD, nor do they know where you would buy one if you wanted it. Even more shockingly, they don’t have anything that would play one other than maybe their laptop.
In the mid to late 80’s they were the pinnacle of consumer electronics but times have changed.
In the days of iTunes and digital downloads, do CD’s still have their place in the consumer market?
The answer is yes, they do. The are small, light and are still the standard physical media for sharing digital music.
Stores still sell them and consumers are still buying CDs every day – so there is a market for them.
Granted that market for them is smaller now that it once was, but it’s alive and that means a pawn broker may have interest in working with you if you only have CDs to pawn or sell.
Will All Pawn Shops Take Your CD’s?
The answer here is no, not all pawn shops will take CD’s – just like not all pawn shops will take DVD’s, video games or other ‘media.’
It really depends on how the pawn shop is setup, what their business is like and if the pawn broker wants to get involved with that kind of merchandise to begin with.
It’s not terribly common a pawn shop will take CD’s in, but if they do – don’t expect much for them.
How Much Will A Pawn Shop Pay Me For CDs?
You can expect about 10 cents per disc. So you need 10 of them to barrow $1.
Does that sound cheap?
Well, you have to remember, they may only be able to sell the CD’s for $.50 or $1 a disc, so they aren’t going to have a whole lot of value to the pawn broker. Plus, most of the CD’s they take in they can’t sell at all and just have to throw away anyways.
The Nerd’s Experience
In my opinion, if you have anything else that you could possibly pawn other than CD’s than I would try to use whatever that was first.
Not only will you not get a lot of money for CD’s, but when you are carrying hundreds of them, they can be a pain to transport and move around.
Make sure you cal whatever pawn shop you plan on going to before you just arrive with the discs. Most shops won’t take them so you can save yourself a trip by calling first.
If you do happen to find a shop that will take them, consider yourself very lucky.
That About Does It…
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