Do Pawn Shops Take Calculators – THE ANSWER!

Brian McCracken


Will Pawn Shops Accept Calculators
Okay now, here’s one of those questions that will often get asked by students, particularly college students who are looking to come up with a little extra money and don’t need their school supplies for the current semester.
So, do pawn shops accept, or buy calculators as part of their normal business?
The answer is that it depends. It depends on if the pawn shop is one of those shops that likes to accept consumer electronics on a regular basis.
Keep in mind that not all pawn shops accept consumer electronics. There are a variety of reasons for this but sometimes the pawn shop just has a bad history with these types of items as they are prone to failure in some cases.
However, when it comes to expensive calculators, particularly graphing calculators or other advanced math calculators, there is almost always a market for them and therefore pawn shops are typically interested in them.
Of course, then the question becomes will a pawn shop in your specific area accept a calculator?
That unfortunately is not so easy for me to answer as there is no one industry standard that applies across the nation.
Keeping that in mind though, there is a pretty easy way to find out if there are pawn shops in your area that will accept them.
Class is over and you’re moving on to better things. Do pawn shops take calculators? That might be what’s on your mind, especially if tuition and fees are leaving your fridge empty.
How To Find Pawn Shops In Your Area That Accept Calculators
This is actually very easy to do.
The first thing you’re going to want to do is head over to and search for local pawn shops in your area.
Google will return a list of pawn shops in your area that you can then call one by one.
You’re going to want to ask them if they accept calculators, specifically the text calculator that you have, as well as what they may need in order for you to make a loan against one or sell it outright to them.
Once you have developed a list of these pawn shops, you’ll want to visit them and compare their prices.
Obviously, you will want to go to the pawn shop that offers you the most for your calculator.
How To Get The Most For Your Calculator At A Pawn Shop
There really isn’t much to preparing a calculator to sell. Making sure the calculator works, more often than not, is all you are going to need to do.
However in order to make sure that the calculator works you will want to ensure that you take working batteries with you so that the pawn shop can test it.
Additionally, if you have the book or manual that originally came with your calculator, it is extremely helpful and beneficial for you to have it with you when you take your calculator to the pawn shop.
Lastly, just make sure that the calculator is clean and in good condition. Don’t submerge the calculator in water when washing it. Just use a damp paper towel to wipe it down and remove any heavy debris that may have built up on it over time.
This also includes fingerprints and smudges that may have developed on the screen.
If you do these basic things you should have a positive experience when you take a calculator to your local pawn shop.