Do Pawn Shops Take Broken Or Cracked Cell Phones – Solved!

Brian McCracken


Will Pawn Shops Accept Cracked Or Broken Phones
So this is one of those questions that I will often see asked when people really aren’t sure what they have that they can pawn when they need a few extra bucks.
Often times they will look around their house, not find anything really good or nothing that they can live without for a few weeks and give up.
But in some cases they will come across their old cell phone that has a broken screen and wonder, ‘Hey, do pawn shops take cell phones with cracked screens?’
Really, this is a reasonable question to ask as there are a ton of pawn shops out there that do take in cell phones.
That having been said, I know that not too many of them will take in cell phones that have cracked or broken screens however.
There are some exceptions of course, such as pawn shops that also offer in house cell phone repair services.
They might be willing to work with you on your phone depending on how old it is and how much a replacement screen costs, but not always.
This will almost always be a case by case basis unfortunately, so just be prepared for that upfront.
Do pawn shops take in broken or cracked phones? This is a question that comes up occasionally, especially when someone comes across a phone when looking for something to sell or put up for a loan. Not many pawn shops will be interested in a phone with a broken screen, but there are a few situations where they might be willing to work with you.
Is There Anything You Can Do With A Cell Phone That Has A Cracked Screen
With all of this in mind, if you have a cell phone with a cracked or broken scree and you need to get a couple of bucks out of it, there are some things that you can do.
For instance, if it is a newer phone, it may have a pretty decent resale value if the screen was in good shape. So it might be worth asking your local pawn shop how much they would loan on it if the screen wasn’t damaged.
If the amount that they will loan you on it is more than it will cost you to have the screen replaced at a cell phone repair shop, then it makes sense to get the screen fixed and make a loan on the phone.
While it will require that you spend a little money upfront of course, you will end up coming out ahead in the end so long as the pawn shop is going to loan you more than the repair cost of the phone.
The other thing you can do in the event that you have a cell phone with a broken screen is just trying to sell it directly on eBay.
Make sure that you disclose that the screen is broken so that they buyer knows and normally, if the phone is somewhat new, there is going to be a buyer out there for it.
Now just keep in mind, with a broken screen you aren’t going to get a ton of money but when you need a few bucks to get by, something is better than nothing, right?