Do Pawn Shops Take Blenders – The Answer!

Brian McCracken


Do Pawn Shops Take In Blenders?
Of all the things I get asked about as far as what a pawn shop takes in, often times, kitchen appliances are at the bottom of that list.
That having been said, there are quite a few people that do ask if pawn shops accept blenders.
I will tell you this, blenders are one of those items that pawn shops will typically accept if they are the type of pawn shop that will deal with consumer electronics or kitchen appliances in general.
Keep in mind that not all pawn shops are going to want to deal with consumer electronics or kitchen appliances.
I really don’t understand why that is, since they typically have a very strong demand for them and are also not inexpensive when you go to the store to buy a new one.
I suppose there is reason to fear kitchen appliances to some degree, particularly if the pawn shop has a history of receiving kitchen appliances that have come in dirty, or with old food particles still stuck in them.
But by and large pawn shops should be willing to accept these items. There is actually a very easy way to find a pawn shop in your area that will accept them.
Cleaning out your kitchen and wondering what to do with your excess appliances? You might be curious to know if pawn shops will take blenders and other items from your kitchen.
How To Find A Pawn Shop That Will Buy Your Blender
When looking for a pawn shop that will buy your blender, the process is actually very easy.
All you have to do is go to and search the phrase local pawn shops, or pawn shops in my area.
What will happen is that Google will return a list of results from pawn shops that are located near you.
You will want to go through this list of pawn shops that Google gives you, call them one by one and ask them if they will accept your blender. While you have them on the phone, you should also inquire about what you may need to bring with you in order to make a loan or sell something outright to them.
Once you have two or three pawn shops in mind, you should visit them one by one, starting with the shop closest to you.
You will want to compare all or their offers for your blender to see who offers you the most.
Typically, you won’t find a large degree of variance between prices, but that’s not always the case and you may be surprised.
How To Get The Most For Your Blender At A Pawn Shop
In order to get the most money possible for your blender when you take it to a pawn shop, there are only a few simple rules that you should follow.
The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that your blender is clean, and free from any old food particles that may have been left in it since the last time you used it.
A pawn shop isn’t going to want to accept a blender that still has yesterday’s breakfast in it. This might seem like common sense to many, but you’d be surprised to find out just how many people don’t thoroughly clean items before taking them into a pawn shop.
The second major thing that you will want to do is make sure that your blender has all the parts and pieces that originally came with it.
If you are missing something extremely important, you may find that pawn shop is unwilling to accept your blender. That’s because finding replacement parts for blenders can both be time-consuming and costly.
Just by following those two simple rules you can almost assure yourself of a positive experience when you take your blender into a pawn shop.