Do Pawn Shops Pawn or Buy the LG V10, V20, or V30 Anymore?

When it comes to older smart phones like the LG V10, V20, or V30 is that something that pawn shops still want?

There’s no question that when the V10, V20, and V30 were released that people loved them. But cell phones aren’t something that age particularly well. What do pawn shops think about them at this point?

How 'Pawnable' Is This Item

What Value Does This Item Have

Unfortunately there’s a variety of things that work against you when it comes to older cell phones and a pawn shop.

Cell phones are a highly stolen item and therefore, some pawn shops just avoid them overall. The phones that aren’t stolen normally have bad ESN’s by the time they come out of pawn, so they tend to be a real hassle for a lot of pawn shops to deal with.

That having been said, if the pawn shop also does cell phone activations for a carrier like Boost or Metro GPS, then there is a higher probability they they will take them in.

But overall these older LG cell phones are only going to receive a “Poor” rating in our pawnability ranking system. Due to their age and the resistance on the part of some pawn shops to deal with them, they just aren’t a highly desirable item.

Because of that, they get a low “Very Poor” rating in terms of the value that you get for them at most pawn shops.

It’s just not an item at this point that most pawn shops are going to be overly excited to see come through their doors if you’re looking for a loan, or even just to sell the cell phone outright.

What To Bring With You:

When it comes to cell phones, it’s always highly advisable to have the original LG charging block and cord with you when you go into a pawn shop with your cell phone.

You can find cheap alternatives on eBay and Amazon, but they just aren’t the same quality as the parts that originally came in the box with your phone, so they aren’t as desirable typically speaking.


Percentage Of Pawn Shops That Accept This Item 20%
Percentage Of Pawn Shops That Consider This Item Desirable 1%
Average Redemption Rate For This Type Of Item 10%
Percentage of Households That Have This Type Of Item 10%
Percentage Of Times This Type Of Item Is Pawned vs Being Sold 10%

There are some very low ratings here and it’s shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point. Only about 20% of pawn shops will take in cell phones this old at this point in time and of those that do, only 1% of them consider smart phones this age to be at all desirable.

About 10% of people who pawn older cell phones like this actually come back and redeem them. Less than 10% of households have cell phones this old that they can give up for pawn or an outright sale to a pawn shop. More often than not, these older phones are sold versus being pawn, normally because of the lower values that the phones bring at a pawn shop.

What Are Some Advantages To Pawning This Type Of Item

  • You likely don’t use a cell phone this age anymore, so if you are able to generate any money out of them, that is always a plus for you.
  • You likely won’t miss a phone this age as you have problem long since stopped using it.

What Are Some Drawbacks To Pawning This Type Of Item

  • It may be very difficult to find a pawn shop that will take in these older cell phones.
  • The value that you do get out of them if and when you find a pawn shop to take them will be quit low.

Pawning or Selling Your LG v10, v20 or V30 Cell Phone At A Pawn Shop

Honestly, when it comes to cell phones this age, it’s going to be a real uphill battle to find a pawn shop that will accept them.

If you are looking to sell your cell phone and don’t want it back, I would probably suggest that you try just selling it on Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace.

You’re likely to have an easier time doing it there and you might even get a little more money out of your phone doing it that way versus trying to sell it to a pawn shop.

One thing we didn’t touch on is damage.

If your cell phone is cracked, scratched up, or damaged in any significant way, it may be just about impossible to sell it to a pawn shop.

They just won’t be able to resell it profitably after paying to have it repaired, so they won’t be highly encouraged to buy it off you, or give you anything significant for it.