Do Pawn Shops Have Macs For Sale – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


Macs have really become popular recently. How popular? Really popular! I myself have switched from all PCs and all Macs as a result of Windows 8 and so many others are doing the same as well.
But even if you have been a life long Mac lover, nobody likes spending $1,300-$2,500 on a new Mac. Don’t get me wrong, they are great and worth every penny but if you can save a little money the next time you buy one then why not do it, am I right?
So where do you go to do that? Well, I suppose you could look on eBay or Craigslist but that could be risky as you never really know what you are getting until it shows up on your doorstep or you meet some guy in a dark parking lot to pick it up.
Of course, if you do buy one that way, what happens if you have a problem with it? It’s not like Craigslist sellers have return policies.
So what are some other options?
Well pawn shops of course. The fact or the matter is that pawn shops typically love to carry Macs, when they can manage to get their hands on one.
Pawn shops normally try to have Mac in stock for sale so if you are looking to buy a new Mac, consider looking into your local pawn shop first.
Buying A Mac At A Pawn Shop
So what’s the deal with Macs at pawn shops. Can you trust them? Will it work right? What should you know exactly?
Well, the truth is that pawn brokers are professionals when it comes to working with used merchandise, particularly used electronics and Macs are no exception.
The pawn shop is typically going to have a very good idea of what they are looking at and will be able to head off a lot of potential problems before you ever walk into their store.
The fact of the matter is that they don’t want to buy a Mac that has a problem or could be a problem for a new owner so they are normally pretty careful about what Macs they take in as far as if they are iCloud or activation locked or anything along those lines.
In addition, they will of course make sure that the ports and if there is a DVD drive all work properly. You might not think it, but this isn’t exactly their first rodeo when these types of things.
By the time you show up to buy your new Mac from them, the Mac will often have already been completely reset and restored right back to it’s factory default settings with all of the previous owner’s information and programs removed from the laptop completely.
In addition, most pawn shops understand that things like Macs aren’t exactly cheap purchases for many people and will be happy to offer you some kind of warranty on it so that you know it will work properly. Although, it be quite honest, you really should spend 20 minutes or so with any laptop and really test everything out before you buy it so that you know it will perform just as you expect it to.
Don’t be worried about the pawn shop staff while you are doing that mind you. They are there to help you and understand that this is a used electronics item and that it may require extra care and attention pre-purchase.
In the end you should be able to walk out of your local pawn shop extremely happy and with your new Mac in hand…