Do Pawn Shops Buy Xbox 360 Games – Do They Pay Well?

Brian McCracken


Pawn shops will buy xbox 360 games should you decide to sell yours. Better yet, they will buy them at better prices than other game retailers out there.
Video games are a huge thing these days. How big? Really big! It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and it seems that everyone plays games. But will pawn shops buy your used xbox 360 games or take them in on loan?
The answer is that they probably will. It really just depends on the pawn shop in question.
You best bet is to call you local pawn shop and see if they take them but I can tell you, as an overall theme, yes most pawn shops will buy Xbox 360 games and if they don’t, they are crazy!
That having been said, as time goes on and the games get older you may find fewer pawn shops buying them but that shouldn’t be a real problem for several years to come.
In fact, as far as I can tell, Xbox 360 games are still selling so strongly that most pawn shops simply can’t get enough of them.
Sure some games are less desirable then others. You will always have those games out there that simply nobody wants and that pawn shops have virtually no chance of selling.
However, those are not the majority of cases. Often times a pawn shop will offer you something for your games and if you are (or were) an active gamer of any sort than the chances are that you are going to have some more desirable games in the mix as well that will interest the pawn shop in question.
Pawn shops buy Xbox 360 games and will often times pay you more than other retailers for them.
How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Xbox 360 Games
Now here is the real question that you should be asking yourself – how much do pawn shops pay for Xbox 360 games?
Well while not every store is the same, I can tell you that most shops are going to pay you more than other places like GameStop or FYE would.
You see, those types of places have to make their entire business off buying and selling those games where as to pawn shops, it’s just a part of their overall greater business.
Because of that, they can afford to pay you a little more for them and aren’t under the same kind of pressure to make the most money possible off each individual game or system.
Most of the time you can expect to get at least a few dollars more per game than you would if you were selling it to another retailer, especially a retailer that specialized only in games and game systems.
That having been said, you’ve got to keep in mind like we mentioned above, not all games are really that desirable and in those cases, you aren’t going to get a whole lot out of them.
But if the game(s) is a newer release, the disc is in good condition and you have the case (plus any kind of insert that may have come with it) then you can expect to get a premium for your used Xbox 360 games at your local pawn shop.